MY 40’s

They said life begins at 40, but mine began 39 years ago. Let me recall my 40’s good and bad moments that shaped me for what I am now.

Had my first FM radio. Black and white television. Dolls.

Move out from Slum. Got my own room.

Summer. Full moon. Cat. Dreams.

Good health.  

Friends. Infatuations. First love. Son.

Support. Paycheque.

Freedom. Travel. Second chances.


Arguments. Unloved. Hate. Fights. 

Neglected. Misjudged.

Penniless. Puberty.

Betrayals. Wrong decisions. Regrets.

Broken heart. Jealous. Anxiety.

Disloyalty.  Separation. Debts.

Self-doubt. Sickness.


I am 40 now and I don’t need to begin any life as it’s already been started. Instead, I will continue to live with God’s grace and enjoy the fullness of learning, beat any challenges and to experience LIFE over and over again.

Thank you Lord for giving me another day to celebrate. Happy Birthdate to me.

Lots of love.


















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