Have you ever met someone who doesn’t know how to listen? Someone who interrupts the conversation and do not allow people to communicate? In situations where problems occurred, instead of knowing what the difficulty is, the person tends to whine and never relayed any solution. Have you involved in this kind of situation instead of proving their arguments, raising voices is their strength? I have.

Every day of my life, I am with this kind of people, especially in the workplace where deadlines are demanding, stress is inevitable and the task seems no end. Sometimes, I became like that, I refused to listen and my reasons are shallow, but then, I know it wasn’t right and I need to correct myself.

We have to pay attention – to our character, on how to deal with any kind of nerve-wracking events, from people who try to eat us alive and with any situation that requires judgment and objectives.

Know the right attitude. Identify the problem. Find the solution.

Just don’t complain. Avoid finger-pointing. Know the correct details.

Be a good listener. Pay attention to the person who is explaining. Do not interrupt. Listen to what they are saying instead of thinking about your response.

Relax. Enjoy the moment where mistakes can be a great lesson for your life.

Remember, “Listening is more than having good communication skills. It is about having an attitude.”


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  1. Hang in there! Corporate cannibalism ( where one person tries to gobble up and annihilate a fellow employee ) has increased over the years. You have to vow to keep to your own personality limits and not be swayed by other’s inattention, indifference and self concern. Take the high road. Be true to yourself.

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