ENCOUNTER (K-drama 2018)


“Brought together by fate, a woman who seems to have everything and a young man who seems to have nothing decides to give up an ordinary life to be together.”

The visual of this drama is astonishing, no one can argue with me about that. Everything here is beautiful, the animation, the song, the scenery, the actors, each shot is a beauty.  The features of Cuba made me want to go there and fall in love.

Encounter’s plot is not new to us.  It’s all about two people who loved each other despite the age difference, lifestyle and status in life.  It is mostly used in any dramas- US against the world. I was hoping for more creative values and significance of the story which I believe it doesn’t disappoint me.  A definite yes for executions of the show, you will hate the rascals and you will sympathize the protagonist.  You want to embrace the possibility that love conquers all.

What I don’t like about this drama are the slow pacing and some repetitive scenes and arguments. To be honest, I got bored in the middle, almost to give up –  but what can I say, I must endure the tedium to witness the happy endings.

Verdict: 8/10


Main Cast:

Song Hye-kyo as Cha Soo-hyun

Park Bo-gum as Kim Jin-hyuk


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  1. Aaaaa I definitely get the slow pacing, but I also thought they really made it that way because they are focusing on the emotions again and again until it gets on you. Ahahaha! I thought I wouldn’t like this, I’m surprised that I actually do – not much, but enough to give it an 8 as well! 🙂

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