Even If The World Deceives You

We know what it feels like.

Photo credit to Trida

The feeling of rejection, the abandonment, the deception and all the despair that feeds our soul to lose the order of our lives.
We asked ourselves where did we go wrong, why we should suffer. We begged in our plea, but it seemed not enough to be heard.

We gave up. We blame others. We negate the circumstances of our past decisions. We just simply accept our defeat without cleaning up the broken pieces.

But we know what it likes to fight too.

We stand for our losses and make amends. We lost our hope, but never distress to search the other route.

We never stopped praying because Faith gives us hope, and hope to stretch our willingness to live.

In times of our darkness, we can surrender and drop our tears, swig the anguish until the day brings life again.

We donโ€™t need to hold our fearโ€™s back, be afraid, but we have to fight,

because even if the world deceives us, we know it will never last.

We know we can survive.


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