Blade of the Immortal Shoplifters to Inuyashiki (Japanese Movies)

BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL (Japanese Movie-2017)

Rin vows revenge for her parents’ murder and enlists the help of Manji who is known as the “immortal samurai.” As he battles the gangster swordsmen of the Itto-Ryu clan, Manji begins to sense something unusual about his invulnerable body.


The fights scenes were bloody and gross but the execution is flawless. The characters are classic and their quest for redemption is unconventional.

Review: 8/10

SHOPLIFTERS (Japanese Movie-2018)

Somewhere in Tokyo, Osamu Shibata and his wife Nobuyo live in poverty. While Osamu receives occasional employment and Nobuyo has a low-paying job, the family relies in large part on the grandmother’s pension. As he is shoplifting for groceries with his son, Shota, they discover Yuri, a homeless girl. Osamu takes her home, where the family observes evidence of abuse. Despite their strained finances, they informally adopt her.


This film shows realism. It never pretends to sheer moments of cruelty and struggles to survive each day. Actors are all at their best, each performance explored and linked deeply with each other. A little twist of the story that leads to social criticism.

Review: 9/10

INUYASHIKI (Japanese Movie-2018)

Inuyashiki Ichiro is a middle-aged, friendless man with an uncaring family. One fateful evening, he is struck by a mysterious explosion in a public park, which is of extraterrestrial origin, and his body is replaced by an incredibly powerful, but still outwardly human, mechanical body. He quickly realizes the extent of his body’s powers, and after saving a homeless man being beaten by a pack of teenagers, he decides to dedicate himself to doing good, using his powers to heal those with incurable diseases and fight crime.


The creation of the evil character in this movie surpasses the protagonist, I believe so. The action and GCI are okay but it wasn’t enough for me. Something is lacking from the part of our hero, maybe because I was expecting more of his fight scene to be intense. Nevertheless, the movie is decent enough.

Review: 7/10

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