When They Become Another Person

I feel bad for one of my friends. She’s a single mom and experiencing tremendous hardship about his son who’s at the age of fifteen. With all her plans for him, she had never imagined that this problem ensued without warning. Well, her teenage son gotten his girlfriend pregnant. Yes, he is only 15 years old and she’s 21. What it hurts more is the boy likely to stop going to school and trying to stay away from her mother’s control. Who knows what a 15-year old soon to be a father thought, maybe he wants to become his own person or to be with his girl.

How should we respond to this kind of situation? I am a mother, and though I don’t have yet to experience that kind of problems, and hope will never be, still I feel the dilemma. My son is 17 years old and yes I am still in the process of guiding him to find a balance between obedience and freedom.

We know teen years often are a time of experimentation. During this vital moment, our kids are exposed to numerous issues like peer-pressure, curiosity, stress, sex, and social media. They want to explore the world outside and believing themselves that they can do better without an adult meddling them. And as a parent, it is one of our struggles.

When our children become another person, let’s hold on to them the way we held them for the first time. No matter how much they hurt us, our love should be consistent and firm. No matter what they have become, we should be the same parents they can run to when everything falls out of their way.

When they become another person, we should still love them.



  1. I know in America there is statutory rape laws that hold true for boys & girls. That son is under age & the women he got pregnant is a grown woman. I guarantee that woman has no sons of her own yet or she wouldn’t have pulled a stunt like that to just play around sexually with such a young person with no protection. I was just reading about that teacher who messed around with her young student & they eventually were married & had a family together. These people just have to be as mature as possible instead of carrying on irresponsibility now. Hope it works out because if this was the other way around, that 21 would have to be registered as a sex offender.

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  2. I would suggest offering emotional support, suggesting the young parents enroll into a teen parenting group were they can be surround by hopeful positive peers, obtain a true glimpse into parenthood while also hopefully obtaining individual counseling and learning about local resources …

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  3. My sister got pregnant at a young age. Her son is already 15 years old now. Looking back, I wish my parents handled the situation better, with love and more understanding, instead of pushing their beliefs onto my sister and making the decisions for her. If only they did what you said about loving them even if they’ve changed.

    I pray she will be strong as she goes through this ordeal. I cannot imaging what she is going through! 😦

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    • I got pregnant too when i was 23 and my dad wanted me to get married to save my face and reputation. That married just lasted for ony 2 years. So many what if’s then.

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      • It’s the typical Pinoy mentality. My sister almost got married but it didn’t push through. My only what if for her is what if my parents didn’t act like getting pregnant was such a big mistake.

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  4. Oh god, it must be such a difficult time for your friend to be dealing with the situation. Parenting today is one of the most challenging jobs.
    It’s very confusing to understand where to draw the line. The only thing that we should continuosly shower them is our unconditional love.

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