Dubai Parks and Resorts offers three theme parks and one waterpark – LEGOLAND, MOTIONGATE, BOLLYWOOD, and LEGOLAND WATER PARK. Ticket fees of each cost not more than $67.00 and a standard annual pass to all parks costs $680.00/ Dhs 2,495.

Well, as one of the expats here, I wouldn’t dare to spend that much. It’s too expensive for my own luxury or maybe I am just a cheapskate? Anyhow, these resorts offered an exclusive discount only for FILIPINOS from June 12-15 in celebration with our Independence day. For just $11.00 /AED 39.00, you can visit the three theme parks and have all the access to thrilling rides and shows.  And yes, I hit the snares with my friends last Friday.

Going to the Parks with an actual temperature of 43 degrees and humidity of 90 percent was such a bad idea. You can just imagine the sticky air and the heat wrappings all over our body. I never have anticipated to the almost one hour walking from the parking area to the parks, the 60 minutes queue for all the rides and almost two hours waiting time for $9.00 eat all you can buffet discount.  Honestly, it was just so freaking annoying.




For the positive sides, I have enjoyed also some of the indoor sights and rides. Of course, I should have not ruined my day. After all, it was my choice to patronized promo events and no one forces me too. It’s just like that day, it tested our patience and we need to apply maximum tolerance.

In Lego Miniland, I love all the attractive miniatures!


Motiongate Dubai will take you all the way to DreamWorks Animation, Columbia Pictures, and Lionsgate.




Thank you very much Dubai Parks and Resorts for bringing Filipino together for a hell day of fun.


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