I am a huge fan of Korean drama. Watching them is part of my daily activity, it is the salvation of my tedious life, my stress liberator and my buying impulsive savior.  My friends said I was stuck in drama system and that criticism was okay for me, at least for now.

I have read one of the comments from the Kdrama viewer. She was complaining because of this ideal concept of love and happiness, she’s having trouble looking for a perfect match. She’s funny and I hope she’s just jesting about how Kdrama influences her way of thinking.

And what about me? Well, I am still in the core of reality. Though with all the good looking guys and the perfect happily ever after scattering my emotion for a bit, I still know where I stand. However, I wouldn’t deny, it falters me some time not to think about love. Well, who doesn’t want to love and to be loved, right?

When one of this love story drama I was watching ends, I just couldn’t stop thinking. I had past relationships, but even one never lasted, what is wrong with me? I just couldn’t help but asked myself what I was doing in my life, why I am alone and why I am not dating a guy. While looking at the four corners in my room with teary-eyes, I decided to have a try (I got a little teary-eyed at the end of the drama).

And yes I did! I did reply to one of my IG’s direct messages, and I kid you not it lasted only for one day! I just laughed at myself, at least I have tried.

When you realize you have to date, no one is there to mingle – for real 🙂 🙂 🙂



  1. One of life’s mysteries… when you’re ready for a relationship, it doesn’t happen. When you’re not ready, they’re everywhere. LOL! :))

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