DOCTOR PRISONER (K-drama 2019)


Na Yi-Je (Namgung Min) is a surgeon with excellent skills and he also is a kind person. He gets involved in a medical accident which he did not cause. The medical accident leads Na Yi-Je to get kicked out of the hospital where he works. He then begins work as the chief of a prison medical clinic.

Doctor Prisoner delivers a lot of aspects. First, they have gathered some of the best villains in Kdrama land where all the characters totally fit and flawlessly do the execution. The whole cast is marvelous and the three leads acting are expressively controlled and yet will bring you to another level of mind games and suspense.

The story is solid. There were no U-turns. It defines what a revenge drama should be, no mercy no cliché.  It was served cold in front of your eyes. Every episode had its twists and turns and has subtle humor.

Though some of the episodes got draggy and redundant due to lack of events, still this drama opens you to another door of some medical manipulation and deceit that you can’t even imagine.

Verdict: 9/10

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Cast: Nam Goong Min/ Kim Byung Chul/ Choi Won Young/ Nara









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