BOHOL ESCAPADE 2019 (Philippines)


If you visit Bohol, you must embark on the PANGLAO ISLAND HOPPING adventures where you can experience to encounter marine life.

Balicasag Island

In this island, you can truly enjoy the snorkeling. You can see and swim with the turtles, drifted along with a variety of fishes and the corals. If you are lucky, you can be able to see the dolphins, it was quite amazing to experience. Unfortunately, wasn’t able to take pictures.

Virgin Island

A breathtaking sight, the water is crystal clear and has an amazing picturesque view. There is also a mini-market on this island, you can eat banana barbecue and drink some fresh coconut juice.  A bare island to relax and enjoy the white sand, blue skies, and warm ocean water.


Alona Beach in Panglao

Alona Beach is the most popular tourist spot on the island. Compare to Boracay, I think it is quieter and less expensive when it comes to food and drinks.

You can enjoy the sand massage too.




Bohol has a number of very old churches, dating back to the early years of the Spanish colonization. Do you know when you visited a church for the first time, you have to pray and make a wish? then it will come true. I made ones and still waiting for the answer.



There are so many things to do and places to visit in Bohol. Not only in Panglao island but you can explore the City too. For those who want adventures, a lot of beautiful waterfalls, cold spring, incredible sights of rice terraces and hills for trekking.

Thank you, Bohol for the wonderful time. I truly enjoyed it with my family.




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