Last Time For Better Days

My son is a teenager now. Whether I like it or not, I am no longer his universe. Some things we used to do have changed already and it seemed the last time for everything.

Where have all of those years gone? How did he manage to grow up behind my back? I feel such a fool sometimes to think of it. But I just missed the young version of him, sweet and carefree, the days with games and toys, the nights with hugs and cuddles, the tears pays only with kisses. Those were the good days.

But I’m done with his childhood affair, I’m just reminiscing. I don’t wish for the time machine because I can always keep the memories alive. Though I hate him sometimes, we argue, say something bad about each other, ignoring our relationship for days to breathe, and even he becomes a little monster still, I believe better days will come to create more of the last time we had.

I miss you, my son. You’re such a pain in my ass now because adolescence stage boils you down. I am grumpy and emotional but I will sink myself to understand you more of this time.

Lots of love.






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