Hotel Del Luna (K-drama 2019)


Jang Man-Wol (IU) is the CEO of Hotel del Luna. The hotel is situated in downtown in Seoul and has a very old appearance. She made a big error many years ago and, because of this, she has been stuck at Hotel del Luna. She is beautiful, but she is fickle, suspicious and greedy.

Koo Chan-Sung (Yeo Jin-Goo) worked as the youngest assistant manager ever at a multinational hotel corporation. He is a sincere perfectionist. He looks level-headed, but he actually has a soft disposition. Due to an unexpected case, he begins to work as a manager at Hotel del Luna. The hotel’s clientele consists of ghosts.

I just love the idea of a Hotel exists in between of our world and immortality where healing and rejuvenation for ghosts serve at best. The storyline was new and refreshing for me. How nice it would be to have a second chance to unpack our baggage and resolve old issues before leaving the mortal world.

Hotel Del Luna is just a fantastical drama but it gratifies the reality of human emotions. They portrayed a life that is beautiful and yet fleeting. A life imbued with happiness, love, sadness, regrets, revenge, sacrifices, longing, choices, consequences, forgiveness and redemption. It taught how to deal with your past, to let go and make peace with it. It magnifies how love can change you to be a better person no matter what you have gone through in life.

One of the best parts of this show is the characterization of  Jang Man-Wol (IU). I can’t help to think that this drama is made for her. You can see the diverse portrayals between her complex backstory and present. She was hilarious and her outfits are fabulous. I would give my credit to Koo Chan-Sung (Yeo Jin-Goo). He doesn’t have to show off his ability to get the attention of the viewers because he nailed his character of being kind, loyal, naive and honest. All the actors showcase their actual talent with good execution that definitely added to the enjoyment of the show.

The cinematography is impressive. All the cameos are great. The hotel and tree life are remarkable. The moon is phenomenal. What more can I say? I just love this drama.

Verdict: 10/10

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