One week ago our family had a disastrous experience which until now is hard to embrace. One snap you will never know what is coming. One decision will lead you to forever regret. No matter how much you believe that life has no assurance, it terrifies you wide open when the ground suddenly disappears from beneath your feet.

I lost my sense of security at this moment and I am afraid of tomorrow. It shattered my grit. What’s next? Will I be able to endure it? So many thoughts bang in my mind that I would like to escape even more,  but I know reality will never slip away. I need to face them.

From this experience, I have learned that it’s okay to be crumbling as long as you have faith in you. Never hesitate to share your burden to the right people because emotional support will gain your courage. Don’t expect everyone to help you because either way they don’t care or they’re more troubled than you. Stop pointing fingers, work for solutions. Never caught yourself comparing your life to others, it will make you more miserable. Always save cash for the rainy season. Accept the blunder. Be grateful for the second chances, and most importantly, pray even your voice fades into the air.

Truly, life is full of surprises, and sometimes we don’t like them because we always expect the sun to rise in the morning. There are some bumps unexpectedly coming that we cannot avoid and your draft may not go exactly as you planned, but God has mercy and kindness, you just have to believe.



  1. I like your hope and strength and the image with you will survive this is so good.
    and I love the saying “this too will pass”
    — and sending good thoughts your way
    we really do not know what. day may bring forth but I have seen God make the corked way straight so many times
    I have seen Him make a way when all seemed lost – or hopeless.
    sending a prayer up for you!


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