Photo credit to Marie

“The rubber band is one of the traditional Filipino games and kid’s all-purpose toy: it can be used to play a competitive game called dampa with your friends; or as a weapon to hit the bully or the bully’s victim. You can also tie several rubber bands together to form a makeshift toy long enough to be used for the Chinese Garter game.”

Undoubtedly, some kids today are often engaged in playing digital games that they no longer experience to play outside with sweat and dirt. We cannot hear anymore from parent’s saying “be home by dinner” after allowing their kids to play with the other neighborhood.

Yes, we can criticize the high technology, or maybe because of some safety issues. I know some things have changed, but not everything. Whatever the reason is, it makes me happy to see that there are still children who play outside freely. It brings back the memories of fun and simplicity of life. It gives me the excitement of seeing them laughing and creating a relationship with others.

Let’s give our children the chance to “play with real tools, to jump from heights, to make up their own minds about what’s dangerous and what’s not.” Let’s help them to build their confidence and independence while living in their world and our culture.






  1. yes, i remember playing till it was almost dark, and the mom would bellow my name, and march me off. ha! those were the days. but we learned plenty then. about friendship, and laughter and teamwork and leadership and all. nowadays, kids play with their computers and the social interaction is different.

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