CAROLE & TUESDAY (Anime 2019)


It has been 50 years since mankind began its migration to the terraformed Mars, where they live by in the comforts of advancement in AI. Carole lives in the metropolis of Alaba City, working part-time by day and playing the keyboard by night. Tuesday has run away from her home in Hershell City to escape the grip of her wealthy family and instead hopes to pursue music with her acoustic guitar.

After a fateful encounter, the two decide to perform music together. Up against the AI singers that dominate the music world, the two of them believe that together they can convey their feelings through their songs. Will hard work and luck be enough for the duo to create the biggest miracle that Mars has ever seen?

Oh, I love all their songs! It was all refreshing. I like also Carole and Tuesday’s voices as it synchronizes wonderfully to bring the best out of each other during their performances. I love the concept of the story that there is no rivalry between them, instead, they support and believe each other’s abilities.

I love the visual with their contrasting looks and personalities, it shows a realism that it doesn’t need to be with the same status in life or the same color of skin to create a good relationship.  Indeed, music will bring life to us!

Verdict: 8/10

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