The year 2019 has been good and a little rough to me. While I was reading my journal, I recollect some of the memories. There were happiness, poignancy, troubles, calmness, days of mundane, whining, financial problems and protest of life. But what caught my attention is at the end of my every statement there was always me being thankful and hopeful.

I realized, despite the complexity of life has been given, I was totally sucking of positivity for the whole year, and I think it was good for me, whatever reason it could be. Not that I have given none of the chances, but I chose to believe, I cast to pray, I embraced the things that I couldn’t change and at the end of my every day, I was still asking God’s great mercy.

This new year brings me another hope to have a life lesser of uncertainty. I pray for my faith not to be shattered in pieces. I pray for my family’s good health. I pray that I could write more of good happenings than complaints. I pray for the peace of mind. I pray for better days, to help others, limit my flaws and be a person that I wanted to be. I pray that everyone gets the best they deserve to gain.

Happy New Year to all. May God’s tremendous love brings it to our lives and may our faith be bigger than our fear.

Bring it on 2020!


Thank you Marites for the gift.


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