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To be honest, going to Nepal was not in my bucket list, just like some things that comes unexpectedly. Some people asked, why there? what was there? Well, Nepal is full of old age cultures and traditional religious beliefs that you would envy somehow.

 Kathmandu was hit by an eathquake two years ago, and it was a little bit devastated to see some of the historical places were destroyed, structures made of bricks shattered into pieces and the recourse is still going on. The city was not that extravagant, I was not expecting though, but totally I enjoy the simplicity, humbleness and the smiles from the locals.

Truly, in life we can’t have anything we want, just like in this city, but they vow and say Namaste with spirit. And oh, the traffic here is so horrible and the road is woobly! We called it, Nepal safari road! 🇳🇵🇳🇵


Dubai’s here & there

Winter has ended here in Dubai, and it means summer with extreme hot, windy and humid is about to come.  I hate going out in summer, no one will love the temperature around 41 °C for sure.  So, winter is a little paradise to us where we can enjoy the short period of warmness.

I went here and there and took some pictures while visiting some places.


The weather feels like heaven; warm and relaxing.


Emirati men wear the traditional  clothes such as the kandura and local women wear an abaya.IMG_20170302_164059.jpg

Falcon is the national bird of UAE and is a symbol of force and courage.


Camel is part of UAE’s rich heritage. It is famously known as the ship of the desert. Historically, camels in the UAE were a dependable source of not only transport but also food and milk.


Never miss to experienced the most popular tourist activity in Dubai with adventure and thrilling ride, Desert Safari.


Shisha is a water pipe used to smoke tobacco through cooled water. It has a sweet and fruity smell.  Smoking shisha is about socializing and has been part of life in the Middle East for centuries. You can find also them in the restaurant where with both men and women equally taking part.


And of course, don’t forget to buy Desert Day Sand Bottle for Souvenir.





Aliwagwag Falls is one of the most visited natural attractions in Davao Oriental, Philippines.  It is also considered as the country’s highest waterfalls. It has s a series of more than 130 cascading waterfalls with different rock formations, shapes, and various heights.  Aliwagwag falls looks like a stairway to heaven that’s why it’s regarded as one of the most beautiful falls in the Philippines.”

My friends and I went to this falls in the midst of approaching typhoon in Mindanao, Philippines.  At that time of travel, there was a low-pressure area consisted with rains and massive winds.

I admit it was a little scary to travel because we need to pass some places which prone to a landslide on the mountain or the rock falls. Since we don’t have much free time after the holiday break, still we went there with full of excitement.


We arrived at noon time safe and sound.

Because of the typhoon, Aliwagwag falls water current was so madly strong and it was really dangerous at that moment to enjoy the majestic flow.


We were instructed that we can still swim in some parts of the falls where it was safe and it was on the top view.


Despite the bad weather, we’re still able to visit the splendid falls and enjoy the scenery. Aside from that, I was with my son and good friends to complete the fun we hoped to experience.



ESCAPADE (Hatta Mountain)

Honestly, I am not an adrenaline junkie person always looking for a big adventure. I was just so bored last weekend that I decided to tag myself along with my friends from their little hiking adventure. The truth is, I was only aware that we are heading to one of the most beautiful and popular destinations for adventuring far from the city of Dubai. With excitement, I have never picture anything, except the camp out and to see the pretty scenery LAKE of HATTA MOUNTAIN.

The hike was easy for them, but not for me. I have never expected to walk more than thirty minutes in this wide, up and down, rocky road. I had to stop to catch my breath, complain a little with smile and drank a lot of water. I was just hoping that walking would end so soon.



To my surprise, the journey wasn’t just merely a steep hike. Of course, we need to take slope from the slack ground and rocks before we could reach to our destination.  My friends said it was manageable by someone like me, but of course I didn’t buy it.  Even though they guided me for almost one hour, I could still feel my knees shaking, I was frightened because tripping was a big quite hazardous.



I told my friends I gave up, but they don’t care about my words. They wanted me to experience the things that I thought was just a dream. They’d like me to accomplish something far from my comfort zone.

And yes, I did it!

Now, let’s enjoy the lovely spots!







Thank you for the terrifying, but wonderful experience.


I admit I still feel shit. But I need to keep my feelings a little bit of time and enjoy the present moment.
I had more than 12 hours layover in Singapore and I was able to meet my close friend with her husband who served as my tour guide the whole time. The places are quite good and I can’t stop thinking that it would be more fun with my kiddo around (though he is always complaining).


with wowz

To be honest, I love the Singapore airport (Changi International Airport Terminal 1).  It’s bigger, cleaner and the WiFi connection is absolutely perfect!  You will love it.


Thank you Singapore! You made my day!

Day 3 – Underground River

It is the newly one of the 7 nature wonders in the world, the amazing underground river where you can find here in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.


What’s in the cave?

It was difficult to take pictures inside especially there was only one spotlight you must follow. I took what I can and I was amaze  of this so called one of the natures wonder in the World.


Visit the spot and let your self be amaze!

Day 2 – El Nido (Philippines) Adventure.

Day 3 – Island Tour B with picnic lunch (Snake, Pinagbuyutan, Cathedral, Cudognon Island, Entalula Island)

El Nido (Philippines) Adventure – Day 1

Day 2 – Island Tour A with picnic lunch (Small,Big,Secret Lagoon,Simizu Island and Seven Commando Beach)

It’s 8:am in the morning, having our breakfast before heading to our Day 1 Tour. The view is quite amazing, you can feel the absence of the clamor from the City.

The beauty of Nature (El Nido)

fresh air & windy.

I love it!!! 


Secret Lagoon






No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.


11040834_10153202294064732_3657666184120736325_n        11077954_10153201983469732_3699373246989803777_n 11096696_10153202293234732_5035006957325915888_n

Day 1 – Traveling Day from Davao to Cebu to Puerto Princesa by air and 6 hours by land from Puerto to EL Nido.


I will keep looking back on this and smile because everything is all worth while.

HOLY WEEK IN SILENCE (14-18th day)

My family decided to spend the holy week in my grandparent’s province. It is also my time to visit them and offer a prayer personally. Because I wasn’t able to attend their death ceremony, I think this was the best time to pay my respect and goodbye.

Bacuag is a fifth class municipality in the province of Surigao del Norte, surrounded by mountains, forest and sea waters. I stayed here for more than a year with my grandparents and returned to the city carrying with a lot of memories. I have loved the place though it was lack of malls, movie house and everything like the city can provide. However, it is a good place to rest, ponder and serenity.

Let’s hit the road!

1488837_10152340616349732_7682229131774409084_n         10151413_10152340616709732_3748878915846737795_n

972203_10152340617614732_758959604308661876_n         10155783_10152340616934732_5042150099235419199_n


Arrived safe and sound!

10170725_775914115775997_2201692243536539670_n           10155101_10152342388504732_5467978120639492586_n

10258576_10152349772154732_5022478523287860466_n          10155526_10152349816219732_1511446092175682313_n

Visiting the old folks!


My grandparents’ house!

1613949_10152349770949732_4334978677038758805_n      10009876_10152349772649732_8642031020029747768_n


20 years ago I wrote this prayer as instructed by my grandmother. I was surprise to see it here. It reminds me of her being a prayerful person, that there is nothing impossible in prayers.


fresh fish and squid cooked only by Vinegar.  One of the best!


Ready to roam around!


Bacuag Parish Church. My favorite place 20 years ago.

Tomorrow will be coming back to the City. I don’t know when I can visit here again.  I will surely miss the place!


After we unpacked our belongings, we run out immediately to the beach, which only took 3 minutes walk from our hotel located at station 2.

Station 1 is where the widest beachfront is and where the most expensive hotels are located.

Station 2 is where the crowd is and where you go for beer and McDonalds.

Station 3 is where you go to get away from the crowd, for some quiet time.


10175021_10152338015194732_7200958320814232045_n            10245541_10152327407334732_8362344495534557643_n

A welcome post to boracay.


Our first activity for the day is SUNSET PARAW SAILING. It is one of the most enjoyable things to do here in Boracay, especially if you love sunset, warm breeze and sailboat. The sailboat can carry up to 10 people on its outrigger wings and they even have enough life jackets for children. It is safe and romantic too.

1422552_10152337847979732_798766342457570896_n           10171868_10152337847654732_7806278038350832794_n

The breath-taking view.

10245527_10152337847784732_4370950488282093081_n        10264427_10152337847614732_4811267636081165316_n

1979599_10152337847879732_840229672858231749_n      1625747_10152337847669732_1571048533048858115_n

The happy faces.

10153675_10152337848484732_7909380255443913671_n           1795606_10152337847914732_5210836164280735009_nIt was scary but we don’t care.

1610010_10152337848739732_5962718526743788397_n      10153675_10152337848484732_7909380255443913671_n

10155334_10152337848554732_1647101353802316882_n      10012605_10152337848434732_2869615339752777639_n

I love it more because I’m with him.

10171155_10152337849114732_4232917620305439690_n        10253873_10152337848389732_934756454496681557_nThe human mermaid is meeting a new friend.


Never be afraid of the waves, it will sail you down to your soul.


Boracay image @ sunset.


I am going to Boracay with my two girlfriends Dimple and Tzardy, and with my son James. Our flight bound to Cebu from Davao City is exactly 9:15 am and from Cebu to Caticlan is 2:00 pm. I know it would be a long trip and time waiting but who cares? We’re just too excited to feel about that.


“Not all those who wander are lost.”

10247209_10152337705334732_4717227742054913910_n        1939732_10152337704884732_1343703769902479679_n

     Davao City Domestic Airport (Flight to Davao-Cebu)                   Airline: Cebu Pacific

10247209_10152337705294732_4351533482635622454_n                1798178_10152337704899732_8376735786539031884_n


Dimple & James. We took some pictures while waiting for one friend. 

10250164_10152327634704732_2122591538787149597_n                    10247240_10152327635329732_1797253003119672676_n


Enjoying the flight with them.

1558401_10152337706109732_1432850438707215032_n    10155754_10152337705644732_8621669307757795561_n

   Touch down Cebu airport.


 Had our first lunch together.

1536570_10152337706569732_6342676362048825112_n         10255800_10152337706629732_5438181882794506391_n

Touch down Caticlan airport!  After in the airport, you have to take a TRICYCLE going to ferry boat station.

       10001357_10152337706899732_3107408031143924314_n      1609917_10152337706649732_58583370097832678_n

When you reach the place, you need to pay first all the fees like the terminal & environmental fee.

                10153729_10152337707024732_4517256812273683435_n            1959484_10152337707159732_7676921317116247310_n

Reaching inside you will be guided by several people and signed to understand where you are heading.

1606995_10152337707334732_916803057425930527_n         1506544_10152337707454732_3430625193063253360_n

This port provides a number of boat rides to the Cagban Port from where Boracay is just a few minutes away and can be reached by a tricycle.


Inside the ferry boat.


This will take you to your reserve hotel.


Finally! safe and sound we reached Casa de Apartelle where we will stay for 4 days & 3 nights. The room is enough for the 4 of us with free breakfast and helpful staff around.

We are so excited!!!


We’ve been planning on going to Boracay for the past few months. It was our little dream to visit the place, relax and enjoy. Boracay is known as one of the best beaches in the Philippines, it wasn’t only admired by us Filipinos but also with other nationalities.

For many people, Boracay is the classic Pacific island paradise. The white sand on your toes will make you feel giddy enough, the sunset view which you can see the beauty of flame, the brilliant crystal clear of sea water, and wide selection of hotels, restaurants and activities.

But most of all, I believe that no matter where the place is, you have to go there with the luxury of wanting the fun, be with the right people where you can also enjoy their presence and of course bring some cash.

I am about to share what I can do for 4 days and 3 nights here in the land of paradise. But definitely I will enjoy it, not only because the place is great but I am with the right people too, my two girlfriends and my son.

It’s more fun in the Philippines!!





Yes, Boracay nigh life is fabulous. People are all out, restaurants are almost full, and the clubs are always ready to party. True It was crowded but still you will be amaze of where those people came from, just don’t complain and let yourself enjoy the night!



Our first dinner together, sorry about the plates empty and messy, we ‘re just so overly hungry.


James first hena.

1901483_10152327640194732_3681983108000196975_n       10151172_10152327640414732_2591893892587566833_n


It’s our night, ladies night!

1939732_10152338015964732_2614038206717602980_n       10169367_10152338015734732_5995617696609117035_n


Feel the hot performance from this local people.

1926713_10152338015439732_4807325468903973681_n                   10154008_10152338015124732_8044631003815967745_n

Watch the romantic fireworks with your love ones.

10153095_10152327640054732_3188545523224825687_n       1002685_10152327640704732_4965570476275738347_n

Boracay is derived from the local word “borac”, which means “white cotton”, exactly the word that can closely describe the color and texture of the island sand, so fine and soft.

We slept around 2am.  Too early for the party goers but we need to wake up tomorrow early to meet the sunrise. Whoa!!


1379254_10152322290589732_5018795267182926709_n      1560626_10152322926289732_5001302595357889021_n

Ashley and Ysai


with Grace


With kuya dhan & Apyang



with Ailyn & Apyang

Yes,  it is a quick meeting but it’s all worthwhile.

30 days Vacation

I am so excited for my annual leave vacation to Philippines.  I am going home to see my family, take some rest, and enjoy the privileged.

I am going to blog my vacation for 30 days.  I am pretty sure that I will have new precious experiences and happenings way back home.

See you Philippines in 11 days!


all my bags are packed and am ready to go.

Best Trip of your Life – Day 10


I always love going on a trip with my son. I am quite certain when he grew up it would never be the same. He will have a girlfriend, a wife and a family in the future and our time to be together will be abridged. So I am making the most of my trip and my future journey to be with him.


Road trip with my son to Agusan Sur (Philippines)


Tinuy-an falls with relatives (Bislig City, Surigao del Sur, Philippines)


Enchanted River with relatives (Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur, Philippines)

??????????   DSCN1325

Enchanted Kingdom with friends ( Santa Rosa City, Laguna, Philippines)



Manila Ocean Park with friends, (Manila, Philippines)


Pearl Farm Beach Resort with friends ( Island Garden City of Samal, Philippines)

I can’t wait for our next trip, I will make it sure it would be more fun and laughter!




Be happy ☺

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