“We’re all a little broken, we’re all a little scarred.

We’re all a little twisted, jaded, chipped, and marred.

But I can love your broken pieces, I can love your shattered heart.

I can love the deepest parts that you keep hidden in the dark.

I can’t put you back together, for that’s not what you need.

But I can stay here with you and love you, piece by piece.”

Image credit to Rowena R.


I saw this picture from one of my cousin’s posts on the Facebook. I always admire him for taking care both of dogs and cats. It feels so warm to see how other people give attention to the social life of their pets, unlatched them from their cages and let them enjoy their wildlife.

Indeed, happy dogs are the prettiest dogs.

Taken at SM Lanang, Davao City, Philippines


“And I realized that some things just don’t work that way. Life isn’t a fairy tale. And the person you fall in love with doesn’t always love you back. But that’s ok because at the very least it makes you stronger and brings you to a place where you can fall in love with yourself.

And that to me is more important than finding someone that only makes you complete when they are around, it’s really about finding the person that will teach you ALL the lessons you need to know so that you feel complete all by yourself. ”

Image credit to Tzardy

Hello Jumbo

If you remember my previous post about our dog Jumbo, well, I met him again last December. We haven’t seen for almost two years, but he jumps on me closely the moment I entered the door.  Of course, I gave him my warmest hello.

Yes, I did my promise. I took care of him and walked him in the neighborhood too.  He was wagging his tail and kept on running as if it was his first time to go around. I think he was happy to be with me.

Honestly, it feels so good to see him.


This is Jumbo now and he’s 10 years old.  My father dyes his hair so it’s kinda messy.

Thirty Eight Years.


They stayed in a relationship for 37 years with ups and downs. I know there’s nothing surprising about it. Marriage is just like that; a beautiful dream, but it embraces with shady reality. I witness their struggles and happiness in their relationship, sometimes I wished they had separated, but very grateful it never happened.

One night, when this man came home very late, as he stepped down to our doorway, a hovering knife almost greeted him to his face. In his surprise, he avoided it hastily, or else no one could ever imagine how hard it would hit him or kill him.  This woman threw the knife at him in anger while impatiently waiting for him to come home.

When she saw that he wasn’t hit, she ran to him instantly and just like a wolverine, she released her two hands and scratch his face and neck with her long nails.

It was a long night then and a long week of not talking with each other.

I love my parents but just hate their fights.



Power of touch.   Yes even a little touch can go a long way. Whatever your relationship status and position in life, we need human physical affections. It is comforting, stress reducing and gives us joy and happiness.

What sense of touch brings back memories for me? Well, the touch of my parents during my sickness. I always got sick when I was young and it was really calming when both of them comforted me. I always felt like I was really loved.

Now, I am far away from them and honestly I really miss it. And I was thinking probably my Son miss it too. I just couldn’t let him feel the warmth of my skin, the unconditional touch of my loving hand and my assurance that whatever he feels, I am just there.

So sad but this is the reality.

#365 days of writing prompts#
the sense of touch brings 
back memories for you.

Thank You GOD

Before I will enjoy the weekend, I want to say something to this Big Guy.

Thank you God for everything.

I had a huge disaster and some challenges this week but you never left me alone.

Thank you for helping me out and protecting me to sort them out.

You are the greatest of all greatest.  Praise you.