A beer fills me awake for hours, causing me weak in my knees.

I can still sense my intellect but it keeps bragging in the midst.

I want to free myself, be ecstatic of all the substance I hate.

Delight my heart with resignation.

Be mindful without hesitations.

But only dead air rattles my imaginary taste.

What am I thinking? my thoughts asked what makes my soul haul this feeling?

While I’m sober, I can restrain my complaint,

but now with just a beer, it warns me strain.

I am dead tired, my whole body pains,

Not even a dozen of medicine could help it within.

Waking up in the middle of the night, unable to sleep again,

My soul is shouting, not needing to feel the pain.

Why it bothers me for all the things I cannot have?

Ever since I was young, I played this game a lot.

Why am I alone in my exhaustion?

Where are the people I called my own?

As I continuously think of silliness,

I couldn’t do anything, but to make this clear,

In this cruel, unbiased world, nothing seems will change,

Except the taste of this luscious fucking beer.




When you’re complaining about your work while sitting in the office or just feeling bored, Just think of those people who worked outside tolerating the heat and dusty surroundings.

Don’t you think you are lucky than them?

Don’t you appreciate what you have right now?

Construct your thoughts and think about it – again.


Since I don’t like to tell you personally what I really think about you today, I am just going to write you a letter in case you can pass this side. I cannot drop these words in front of you because I don’t like to create a wall between us, not this time. I am afraid you might not accept whatever I would say to you. So let me do this just to help the annoyance out of my system.

I hate the way you talk. Your voice sounds like thunder and I hate thunder.

I don’t like the way you interpreted things. You have always seen it in a very wrong direction. You don’t know how to infer it to positivity.

Please stop talking bad about other people. Personally, I don’t know them so I’m not really interested.

Kindly appreciate life. You have your husband and your daughter with you. You’ve got a job, you have a salary to pay your debt, your health is good, you ate more than three times a day and you are still breathing. Your problem is not that great compared to those people who had nothing of everything. So, please be thankful.

I know you are still a good person that is why I cannot tell you all this because I don’t want you to give additional burden and bad feelings. I am honestly listening to your woes and my bits of advice are genuine. But same as you, I have my bad days too. I just need you to shut up for a while, deal your own issues and give me some break.


We Are Almost Do The Same.


I saw him doing his daily work. Did he ever whine about it? feeling tedium? or maybe feeling grateful because he can be able to provide food and other necessities to his family? Is he thinking when he will stop working and live his life at ease? Is he hoping that one day he will be free from obligation and adversity? and just be happy normally?

I am whining, feeling boring, but thankful. I am thinking and hoping too. 

I am sure we are almost do the same.


Remember the seven cardinal sins? You’re given the serious task of adding a new one to the list — another trait or behavior you find particularly unacceptable, for whatever reason. What’s sin #8 for you? Why?

Seven Cardinal Sins:

  1. Greed
  2. Lust
  3. Envy
  4. Gluttony
  5. Wrath
  6. Sloth.
  7. Pride

 I may say, the number 8 sin for me is WHINE.

 Whining and blaming God when life has never been on my side.


In response to the Daily Prompt: The Eighth Sin

I adore complaining

I am not a big complainer. I can tolerate small mistakes, I can forgive petty misunderstanding and I can make your life easier, except for one thing: don’t ever disturb me in my sleep. I would hate you for life.

I am not a morning person at all.  It’s always been my problem & challenge to become one.  I am struggling to be vigorous every working day because I have no choice, but I’m  always alive at night time; doing everything I have supposed to do in the day time. So during the weekend, I just sleep till afternoon and move my ass when 6:00pm starts, and on weekdays, I mandated myself to sleep early as possible & settled the timing for 8 hours a day.

With this kind of characters, I am quite choosy for my roommate to be. I have only one condition: She must know the word silence (of course at sleeping time only).  Fortunately, I have the best roommate now; she had never disturbed me at all!

But this is not the story. The thing is, I found myself complaining more lately to my landlord about these people around me because they disturb my sleeping pattern and which I think their actions cannot be tolerated too.

Complained #1.  Those people next door who were frequently noisy, disrespectful & vulgar after 10pm. We have an in-house rule to “keep silence” after that time on working days. I grumbled them because I didn’t force myself to sleep early just to be disturbed!

Complained #2.  Someone occupied my “bathing” schedule.  I knocked her twice in the bathroom and never greeted & smiled at her at all.  I didn’t wake up early just for her to waste my time!

Complained #3. Somebody used my Microwave without asking my permission & left it dirty. Call me selfish, but I didn’t buy it to share with everyone without my consent, how come they can buy beer & make up, but cannot afford a warmer that cost only AED 200.00/USD 55.00? I bought it so that I can just warm my food after my goodnight sleep and not to have a nightmare!

Complained #4. They must have thought my fridge is for common use.  It was so annoying when I eagerly opened my fridge to get something I want & found it nowhere. The thief took my juice!  Lost & found please!

Complained #5. One of the person from next door asked us if we will have a visitor on Thursday night because we need to be “quite” so she can sleep early for her event on the next day (Friday). What?? Is she crazy? We have an in-house rule to be “free” during Thursday night since weekend is next.  I didn’t sleep early for five days just to corrupt my weekend!

Honesty, I adore complaining at times. It calms my nerves.



The Most Impolite

Her name is Ima. She’s the most impolite employee I have ever encountered in 15 years of my life working. I tried not to mind her over the past months, but oh my!. I thought it’s only me who notice of her character, but it seems not. Well, I don’t want to judge her really, but let me reckon all the things I don’t like about her.

She didn’t greet another employee she met in the hallway (except for the bosses).

She doesn’t have the habit to say “excuse me” and tends to interrupt you even when you’re talking to someone or on the phone (except for the bosses).

She keeps other people waiting, which makes these people annoyed with her.

She never showed up during our team building & annual party.

She never interacts with other employees (except for the bosses).

When I was new, she didn’t help me to learn everything I am supposed to know.

She undisclosed her work to me as if we are not a team.

She treated me a newbie, and that is so funny.

Maybe this is not considered as a hot potato. But I am talking here about character and attitude. I am certain of her character because it surfaces through her actions, and I couldn’t do anything about it. But I just wish she’ll improve her attitude because attitude is a choice. To have a good character, you should have the right values; being well-mannered, pleasant and professional is one of them.

Honestly, I don’t like my character when I’m pissed off, I have the tendency to make you cry, I have done that before. But, I choose not to be anymore. I pick to be patient, more patient in dealing with different circumstances. I didn’t “yet” insulted her, nor hit her hard, but in due time, I will let her know those things I don’t like about her.




I love first week of the month.  Aside from getting my pay cheque, it is also my time to get busy at work.  I love deadlines, I love the whooshing noise, it would simply put my mind into complexity and satisfaction. I am not comfortable of being stagnant for a long time because it makes me feel sick and useless.

I don’t like people who constantly complaining about their work, as if it is the end of the world.  No matter how busy you are, or how busy you think you are, the work will always be there. I think it is just a matter of balancing and managing your time.  


Let’s be thankful whether we are busy at work or not, anyway, we are compensated for that. Let’s just do whatever we need to do. 

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