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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales


I like the movie, but I feel Jack’s “pirate” spirit became less. I mean I was looking into Jack energy that would kill me.  Though, I still enjoyed and sensed his drunkenness and humor.

Enjoy watching!

Verdict: 8/10



Kubo and the Two Strings (Movie 2016)


An Impressive Emotional Animated Film.

How I will not love this film? Our Kubo has a remarkable personality of a loving, kind and brave young man. Along with his knight and puppets, it was fun to hear his magic tale with the melody of his magic guitar, blended with suitable costume designs, the dazzling stop-motion animation style and the story that balances with humor and dark moments.

The voice cast also amazingly fits in the story. The line was delivered clearly with probing the emotions near to reality.  It wasn’t hard to relate. It wasn’t difficult not to laugh and cry.

I had a wonderful and exciting adventure with Kubo. I hope you have some too.


Verdict: 9/10


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