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“A clear rejection is always better than a fake promise.”

“You’ve got to really be able to accept the rejection”


everything will be fine.


What is your heart conversing right now? 

Whatever it is, be brave enough to start a conversation that matters. 


“Progressing from friends to lovers is simple; one person just needs to take a step closer. And that one step changes their relationship.”



I fell for you!


Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama (J-anime)


Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama is about a girl named Misaki Ayuzawa who is the student council President at a former all-boys school. Her position at the top of the food chain is threatened when one of the boys, Takumi Usui, discovers that she works part-time as a maid at a maid cafe.

I watched this anime because I have read some good reviews, however, I was curious to why they had some disappointments after watching it.

Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama is witty and enjoyable to watch. The artwork is fabulous and you will enjoy the designs of each character. The romantic chemistry between the two protagonists is quite sweet and alluring.  Everything is almost okay, except the buildup of their relationship was indeed an agony. 

They took a lot of episodes for their friend zone parts rather than being “in love” with each other drastically.  Sometimes, I hated Misaki for being so clueless or being hard to get to Takumi Usui. This guy never failed to show how much he likes her, to mention his stolen kisses too and she’s just there pretending never have noticed it.  It was such a crawl event of the show, it wasn’t just enough.

Apart from this, the show is a pretty good run of romance anime.  But then, I need a season 2 to wrap up everything in order. I need more!

Verdict: 8/10


I feel like….

The Beginning.

I wasn’t pretending that night.  I just don’t want to stop you.


I had no intention to like you, it just happened out of nowhere. I admit I had a bad moment with my past love, settling my heart in forceful resolution, thinking it would just pass, looking for something I could divert off and hoping to forget at least a few minutes of my sad life.


I was drinking too much that night, swaying my blues over the facade charmed of alcohol while clinging to your shoulder.  Yes, I was drunk, but I know, how it feels good to touch you.


I felt dizzy and was about to flop, but you were there leading me to my bedroom, holding me close.  I know it was you and not him.  It wasn’t hard to recognize the difference; the smell, the touch, the grip…


You were smoothing my hair… whispering me to sleep. No way I can’t stop you, that’s been all I need, you have comforted me.


Then I felt your lips on my head. It was enough to let me sleep.

I know tomorrow will never be the same my friend. I know.

Way Back into Love




I feel so sorry to the world and to those people I have wronged and mistreated.

I wouldn’t excuse myself for being gritty and shitty because that was my choice, but then I still owe you all an apology.



 In response to the Daily Post Challenge: APOLOGY


Frail to Trust

“I wish I could be every little thing you wanted.”

Be careful of what you wish for because I am frail to trust. So don’t ruin the mood, let’s just go with our feelings all the way.



In response of the Daily Post: FRAIL


“I see where I’ve gone wrong.

I’ve been judging the circumstances of my life which are beyond my control. I’ve been comparing my broken soul with who I am and my past as the teller of what my whole life will look like. Neither are true. However my circular thoughts would say otherwise, and sometimes we have to observe ourselves beyond our thoughts and feelings–as they are often flat-out wrong.

At the same time, this life is just painful and hard sometimes, and I guess it’s OK to type that out loud. Just like I will type out loud when things change and life is better.

Everything is temporary.”





A little thing called LOVE

Crazy Little Thing called Love (aka First Love) Cover

Young love, sweet love.

A little thing called love is one of my Thai favorite films. I  have been watching this for how many times. This movie has an excellent combination of comedy and romance. It will give you a warm feeling, well, I have laughed and cried over and over.

The movie’s plot was very simple, but it can bring back of your erstwhile romance and fantasy to someone you really liked, or the memories of your sweet first love and how good it was to have such feelings.

It’s just tugged my heartstrings.

first love 9first love 8

Verdict: 10/10

I am just a kid.


My five years old godchild (jevon) drew this out of his furry and being unhappy to his mom for not letting him play the smart phone.

Is it really impossible to tell someone what we really feel instead of keeping or ignoring until it aches so badly? 

This kid is better than me.


Bad Thought

When my colleague  teased me to when will I give them a lunch treat, somebody instantly spoke, “her? she will  give us a treat? I don’t think so!”  I was not offended because I admit I am a miser, but her statement makes me irritated.  I’d love to say “yeah, because I don’t spread my legs to an Arab man like yours.”

Just had a bad day and a bad thought.



A girl with a sad eyes.


Can’t you see it in her eyes?
It screams more than words can say
Her eyes tangled with sadness
No one could ever guess.

She wishes that you could see
Her eyes beaming with bleak
You wonder, but let it be
Let her eyes shades of gray.

She doesn’t need you to speak
Because it makes her weak
Just give her a good blink
Then she dares to breathe.


“You find the Perfect Love, BUT in a Wrong Time”

“You find the Perfect One, BUT He’s Not in Love with you”

“You find the Perfect One, BUT you must be loyal to someone else”

“You got the Perfect Looks, BUT no one takes you seriously”

“You met the Perfect Personality, BUT your bound to be Just Friends”

“You got brains, BUT got a Frail Heart”

“You find the courage, BUT it’s too late”

“Your ready to love, BUT you don’t know”

These are just a few of those situations you get involve yourself when your falling in love with a person. No matter what, the important thing of all is you learned to love, you fail and you become strong. While you have love around you, treasure it, cherish each moment with the person you commit yourself with, you may never know if you will still have another chance when you lost it.





“It is one of the blessings of friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.”

In response to the Daily Prompt Challenge: FRIENDS


Have you ever had the feeling that things get a little uninteresting, too blaring, but you can’t hardly hear, so much to think, but you can’t contemplate?

Have you ever lost your desire for something you considered adoring about?

Have you tried to ignore things that made you glad? Have you?

I have.

Lately, I lost interest in my everyday life. I feel like a zombie. I see the days as repetitive. Nothing is exciting, and there’s not a thing to make me feel excited about. I am so lazy to find the sunshine.

You might give me an answer that I have missed any inspiration. Then who and what will inspire me?

Work?  A must that I should not escape.
Friends? They are not always around, they have their own lives too.
Son? He gives me a headache for the past few days.
Shopping? Each penny is counted now a days, I have to save.
Food? It gives fleeting happiness. It makes me fat.
Alcohol? It offers me only short-term black out.
Love Life? It bores me.

I definitely don’t feel inspired. Let me check tomorrow again.






Combination of Love

My name is Anaven. It is a combination name of my Mother “ANA” and my Father “VEN.”

 My grandmother who hated my mother was the one who combined their names, and oh, I have to mention also my brother’s name “AVEN” and our dog’s name “ABAN.”

 So, I believe my name is a combination of love, and of course I wouldn’t change it because….


How about you?  Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?

In response to the Daily Prompt: Say Your Name

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