I feel so sorry to the world and to those people I have wronged and mistreated.

I wouldn’t excuse myself for being gritty and shitty because that was my choice, but then I still owe you all an apology.




Alice Through the Looking Glass

“When the day becomes the night and the sky becomes the sea, When the clock strikes heavy and there’s no time for tea. And in our darkest hour, before my final rhyme, she will come back home to Wonderland and turn back the hands of time.”- Mad Hatter

This movie isn’t as bad as the critics say. It was still good to be back in wonderland. As what Absolem told; “you’ve been gone too long, Alice. There are matters which might benefit from your attention. Friends cannot be neglected. Hurry.”


Verdict: 8/10




Honestly, I was hesitant to remain after watching the first two episodes of this drama, but because of Ji Sung’s grand acting skill and Kang Min-Hyuk’s cuteness and improved voice, who dares to ignore them?

The Entertainer is a story of betrayal and sweet revenge. Surprisingly, the plot’s quite heavy and straightforward, you can see guys crying and circling emotions. It actually revealed the darker side of the entertainment and music industry, which became an interesting scenario for me.

In the story, revenge has nothing to do with killing or making other people’s life miserable, instead it shows how to yield when nothing is to fight for, to forgive, second chances, to accept and dreams that must not be forgotten.

I like also the OST of this drama, one of the highlights are the bromance and the chemistry amongst the band members which you would believe they are actually on their own band.

The ending of the story was wrapped up nicely. Each of the characters has given a deserved final. It was great that I didn’t drop this drama, it gives me a warm feeling and happy smile.

Verdict: 8/10

The innocent man (Korean-2012)

“The wounds I carry, she carries them too. The unshed tears in my head flow through her heart too.” – Ma Ru

Sorry, but this drama didn’t hit my heart. It never brought a huge twist, never a single jaw-dropping surprises and no mind-boggling story-line. Most of the episodes reveals all that we saw coming.  I think, it will become far better if they should have ended it until episode 16 because after that everything was dragging.

However, the acting was great and the characters are well played.

Is there such a thing as nice guy? Let me meet him 🙂

My verdict is: 7/10









I remember you,
Remember not
All the things you have done,
In an instant
In its purpose
It’s all in my mind.

I remember you,
Remember not
All the things you haven’t done,
Without hesitation
Without care
All out from my mind.

I remember you,
Remember not
Because of my fleeting heart
You are saved from this light.



In response to the Daily Post: FLEETING

Her secret is my secret

She got pregnant by her ex-boyfriend. The real boyfriend thought the baby was his. Without hesitation, he wanted to marry her and offer the chance to be a good father he wants to be.

She was perplexed, or I might say she was crazy. She was thinking of abortion, of course, no one supported her. I even suggested not to inform her boyfriend about the baby’s father as long as she will not do it. I pledge to be quiet for the rest of my life just to save the unborn child, but at the end, it was all her decision and I can’t even forgive her.

The abortion made our friendship ends. I just couldn’t accept nor respect her choice. I feel disgusted to have a friend like her and I feel like I was not good enough because I wasn’t able to change her mind. It was so horrible.

Gossip spreads. I remained silent. Though my heart is shuddering, I couldn’t say anything to anyone because that thing was our SECRET, the residual connection of our friendship.

Times passed, there was no US. I admit I missed her.

One day, our path crossed out of the blue. It seems we are trapped in one closed corner. We couldn’t escape. Our eyes met and just found ourselves embracing each other and crying.

After the silent years, we forgive each other. We moved on. There were lots of “apology and appreciation” along the way while saving our friendship and it’s all worth it.

At this time, we are closer than before. Our relationship tested with so much horrendous event, but at the end, we are more than like sisters.

Forgiveness. Love.

I have no right to judge her.

She never left me when I had my flaws.


In response to the Daily Prompt: Evasive Action.

What’s the most significant secret you’ve ever kept? Did the truth ever come out?

BITTER BLOOD (J-drama 2014)


Bitter Blood, is a comedy-action-crime drama about a rookie cop named Sahara Natsuki who is partnered up with his veteran father Shimao Akimura. The two have never been together in their lives and that makes the story rolled into their work and personal relationship.  The story tells us about family values throughout the cases they have solved, the tension they have survived in all episodes and several cases that will show the characters own weaknesses and strengths.

I started watching this story because of Sato Takeru.  I like him and I never thought he had various drama portrayed. I had fun watching all the episodes from begging to end. All the father-and-son arguments even at life-threatening situations are cool and hilarious, to mention also the team’s different characters are exceptional.

If you want to chill and just be cool, watch this drama.


The Ginza Police Team Department