We all experienced anger. If some words tossed out with annoyance, it would flare up the temper. It is impossible also to clear the issue when we are in the midst of an emotional tornado.

I’ve been there, I regret few of what I have said.  I have learned my lesson, let me strike the iron when it is cold.




“I am still learning how to separate myself from people who aren’t on the same page as me.”

Honestly, this is not simple. There are things to contemplate before letting go of yourself to someone. It is not like someone ask you to give them space, I think that would be easier for me, but I am the only one who wants to detach myself from people that I cannot get along with anymore.

Actually, nothing really happens badly that I would think of this way, but I woke up one day that I could see the difference.  You know, like when you don’t have any more to talk about and laugh. Unlike before when you were just sitting together, it doesn’t matter if you do have a conversation or not, the sense of comfort was still there. And I’m feeling the contrary now.

So I am starting to separate myself from them. Hoping one day they will ask why and I can tell them the naked truth.






Since I don’t like to tell you personally what I really think about you today, I am just going to write you a letter in case you can pass this side. I cannot drop these words in front of you because I don’t like to create a wall between us, not this time. I am afraid you might not accept whatever I would say to you. So let me do this just to help the annoyance out of my system.

I hate the way you talk. Your voice sounds like thunder and I hate thunder.

I don’t like the way you interpreted things. You have always seen it in a very wrong direction. You don’t know how to infer it to positivity.

Please stop talking bad about other people. Personally, I don’t know them so I’m not really interested.

Kindly appreciate life. You have your husband and your daughter with you. You’ve got a job, you have a salary to pay your debt, your health is good, you ate more than three times a day and you are still breathing. Your problem is not that great compared to those people who had nothing of everything. So, please be thankful.

I know you are still a good person that is why I cannot tell you all this because I don’t want you to give additional burden and bad feelings. I am honestly listening to your woes and my bits of advice are genuine. But same as you, I have my bad days too. I just need you to shut up for a while, deal your own issues and give me some break.


The innocent man (Korean-2012)

“The wounds I carry, she carries them too. The unshed tears in my head flow through her heart too.” – Ma Ru

Sorry, but this drama didn’t hit my heart. It never brought a huge twist, never a single jaw-dropping surprises and no mind-boggling story-line. Most of the episodes reveals all that we saw coming.  I think, it will become far better if they should have ended it until episode 16 because after that everything was dragging.

However, the acting was great and the characters are well played.

Is there such a thing as nice guy? Let me meet him 🙂

My verdict is: 7/10








A girl with a sad eyes.


Can’t you see it in her eyes?
It screams more than words can say
Her eyes tangled with sadness
No one could ever guess.

She wishes that you could see
Her eyes beaming with bleak
You wonder, but let it be
Let her eyes shades of gray.

She doesn’t need you to speak
Because it makes her weak
Just give her a good blink
Then she dares to breathe.

Wednesday Morning

I’m going to crash your annoying face, then I realized I was working in the office. Of course, I cannot do that, I practiced professionalism for 13 years!
But sooner I will strike you, it’s not just here.

'Don't worry -- he's a trained professional.'
‘Don’t worry — he’s a trained professional.’


Separation Anniversary


Nov. 15, 2001, the day we vowed to each other for better or for worse till death do us part.

Nov. 15, 2015, our 14th year wedding anniversary supposedly, became our 12th year separation anniversary.

I know it’s past 12 years already, but to be honest when this date comes, I couldn’t help myself but to remember everything I have gone through.

I got pregnant out of wedlock, and since I belong to a traditionalist family, my Father pushed me to get married or else I can’t come back to our home. Of course, I never hesitated, I was in love with the father of my son and he was happy & willing to fulfill his responsibility.

Though I was certain of my feeling to him, I had doubts of what he can do for our new family. Why? At that time, he had no job; he was lazily receiving monthly allowance from his mother abroad, he was a brat from a broken family, full of hatred. I was clouded of my hopes & imagining that he will be good. I defended him, hiding his true situation, just to please my family & friends, just to prove that I got a good man. But hiding never lasts long, it reveled just the way it has to be.

Living together after we got married, nothing changed. He was still the same; a home father & a husband. He took care of everything in the house all day long & going out with friends at night. I know for myself that I don’t like him that way. I wanted him to be a good provider, a successful man that I can proud of, not just someone who stayed at home, patiently waiting for his mother & wife’s money. Gradually, I became another person, I was so frustrated. I resigned from my work in exchange for taking care of our son by myself & by hoping that he would soon go out & look for a job.

And then it never happened. We were both jobless, both a parasite. He’s drinking routine became worse, he’s laziness never ended. My credit card was exhausted. My pocket was empty. My hope had ended. Every day was a hell. I always looked at my son’s face, pitying him, wishing that he wasn’t born, that I could return to my old life; carefree & simple.

It was all like that for 2 years and I was used to it, shamelessly. Then one day, he strained his whereabouts, he cheated on me.

That was another story, the most painful history in my life.

Happy 12th year separation day! I am so happy that I have ever let you go.



  1. A guy who talks too much & talk too loud.
  2. Someone who borrows something & never returned them.
  3. No common sense.
  4. People who are always late.
  5. Those who doesn’t know how to say “thank you”, “sorry” & “please”. – Presently dealing with someone like that & everyday she’s annoying. She doesn’t know how to be polite at her age!
  6. People who spit anywhere.





A man who is a cold-blooded hunter gets heart surgery and due to cellular memory syndrome, he becomes warm hearted. He meets a woman, then learns the true meaning of happiness and love.

I didn’t feel terribly excited about this show, but because of the good reviews & comments I have read for it being a warm, engaging and uplifting drama, I decided to watch it. Why not?



Hands-down, I can say Liar Game is one of my favorite dramas. I had a magnificent ride with them, with all the secret motives, win strategies, mind playing tricks and twists, it made the story more compelling as you can imagine.  Though there are some gaps, I believe it will all be answered in the next season 2.  I hope so.

vlcsnap-2014-11-26-01h59m28s200    vlcsnap-2014-11-26-01h59m59s2471

Shin Sung-Rok as Kang Do-Young never failed to become a vicious, annoying and scary person in his character.  Considering himself as a failed experiment in this drama, I don’t think in his real life he is, for me he’s such a great actor.


Kim So-Eun as Nam Da-Jun, though I hated her for being the “kindest-fool- trusting” person in the whole episode, I quietly understand her character now. Though in real life, it must be difficult but as it says; “maintaining that trust isn’t credit, its faith.”


Lee Sang-Yoon as Cha Woo-Jin, though for almost entire episode, there were always this helplessness and sadness in his eyes but since he plays smart, I still like him a lot. I think nobody would disagree with me.  He is an actor with great acting abilities.

Credit to all the actors and actress who made this drama more exciting and thrilling.


Rate: 9/10




Wow. A powerful story of revenge. I don’t know if I still want to watch it again. The movie hits with lots of awards and nominations in South Korea Film Fest.

The film was released in U.S. theaters last Wednesday (Nov. 27) for 2013 remake.


OLD BOY (US 2013)

I respect different opinions and reactions, it’s for you to find out. Just don’t wonder around If I were you.

Grateful for not having a super-complicated life. This is my DAY 24.




Don’t ever fuse your ignorance to thoughtfulness because that what makes you a shallow person.  Being thoughtful means to share and to care without expecting in return.

Don’t misunderstand what true friends are.  They are ones who will tell you who you really are. Expect they will hurt you, disappoint you and will not always please you.  And if you cannot hold on this, there is nothing to be thankful of your friendship; everything about you is just a CRAP.





Hello everyone.

I want to complain to life.

As I type this bland post, I am staring at the screen and feeling that today is one of the pits days of my subsistence.

I am bored. 

I admit that it’s no good to pretend that are you busy when really you are not.

I am sick of seeing the same people everyday and hearing stories over and over again.

I dislike it when I have nothing to learn and worst nothing to change.

I despise the reality that I cannot do everything I want, that there is a certain boundary of what you can get.

Sometimes, I hate my life. Its suffocating and uninteresting.




images (1)

The worst love is the one that never felt.
The worst heart break is the one that never dealt.
The best hate is the one that brings pain.
The best anger is the one you can’t contain.

LOVE AND HATE.  It both feels the same


Break ups are never easy. When a relationship ends, you feel like a different person. You will experience series of emotions from sadness to terrifying thoughts of feelings and depressions. Instantly you will be dealing alone and feeling the uncertainty of yourself. But much of this process is normal and part of the experience we must go through to endure such hardship.

What you become after a break up? Let me see;

1. The  EX- CRAZY PERSON   Obviously you cannot handle the breakup first, you will find yourself spending a lot of time missing & longing for your ex.   You will be acting crazy over like constantly checking his/her Facebook updates, tyring to dig an information if he/she found someone else, sending him/her messages, calling him/her endlessly and even worse bargaining & begging him/her to come back.

Image           Image

2. The EMOTIONAL MESS – You do things like listening to your favorite love songs while staring through pictures of your ex, reading all over again his/her sweet note cards or messages from phone, watching how many times both of your favorite movies, wearing the shirt you have two obtained from the place you have been travelling, lock yourself in your room, escaping meals and so many things you will try just to muse over.

Image                     Image

3. The BITTER BIG MOUTH This is your revenge, letting everyone know how horrible, asshole, and jerky your EX was.  You even forget the etiquette of what not to say after you broke up.  You will be simply bashing his/her negative qualities, splitting major secrets he/she told you in absolute confidence, and anything that would make him/her looks very bad.

Image                    Image

4. The GENDER HATER – You’re shutting the operation for all mankind.  You disgust all the same gender of your EX though you didn’t have a relationship with them all. You believed that your EX was a certified representative of all.

Image  Image

5. The INSTANT PLAYER  Your going to date right away, get somebody as rebound and forget that you just got out from a bad relationship, there’s a desperation underneath everything you do like acting as PAYBACK time to your EX or to his/her kind.

Image           Image     Image

Don’t be too cruel to yourself.  Exercise a rational thought. There is always time to heal your broken heart.

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