Dear Mrs. HY,

I know you don’t like me to be part of your husband’s life. I didn’t get it because it was 20 years ago when we had this young-love relationship. I have tried to be friends with him, but you simply prevented it. And now, it becomes impossible.

I just heard the very bad news, I am sorry for your lost.

I am so sad to hear that he got shot & killed in front of you and the kids, it was the most devastating news I have ever heard. I pray that the authority will find the one who did this to him and to your family soon. I pleaded for you & your children’s safety.

Condolence Mrs. HY.  You may have saved me from a huge heartbreak, but truly I am saddened, no one is worthy of this cruelty.

Rest in Peace to you Hamilton. May your soul be at peace with Heavenly Father.






I miss the young love, the wanted feelings of being with someone you like.

I miss the secret stares and the love notes.

I miss the butterflies flying, the colors of excitement when you able to glimpse the face of your sunshine.

I miss to smile. I miss to laugh. I miss to giggle.

I miss my innocent love. I miss my unwavering heart.





A man who is a cold-blooded hunter gets heart surgery and due to cellular memory syndrome, he becomes warm hearted. He meets a woman, then learns the true meaning of happiness and love.

I didn’t feel terribly excited about this show, but because of the good reviews & comments I have read for it being a warm, engaging and uplifting drama, I decided to watch it. Why not?

WARM & COZY (K-drama 2015)

Indeed, the drama is warm & cozy. It is a light hearted romantic comedy. There isn’t much of a plot, but I like the set of the characters. I feel like watching something where you don’t have to stress yourself thinking what will happen next, there’s just slightly bizarre of controversies.

One reason I like this drama is the beautiful landscape of Jeju Island, it makes me want to visit there! They feature the unique scenery & characteristics of the Island, including the way of living. I just miss living with greens, lakes, seas & fresh air.

If you want a story out of psychopath and heavy tears, then you better try to watch this and let yourself feel warm.

Verdict: 8/10

Why Can’t It Be?

Yesterday, I went out to see an exhibition with my office mate. Actually, I really don’t want to go, but she kept on insisting. I don’t want to be labeled as killjoy especially in front of my boss who gave us free passes to the show. So, I went with her without expecting anything fun at all. By the way, I really don’t like her, if you remember my old post; The Most Impolite, well It’s her again.

Anyhow, we went there and nothing extra fun happened as I expected. I was about to complain to her that I was tired and wanna to go home, but when I saw in her eyes that she was really having fun with me, I wasn’t able to say a word. I’d love to be bad on her but just couldn’t do it.

I ask myself why.

For the past months, I gathered some info about her. She doesn’t have a Facebook account, wasn’t aware of Instagram too. She always asked permission of her husband for anything. She has never gone into movie houses, never drunk and don’t go out during weekends. Back in my mind, I was asking where the hell is she from. She must have a sad life, but of course, I don’t know her whole story.

Sometimes, I pity her because she doesn’t have friends to be around, sometimes I like her because she was laughing at my jokes, but most of the time I just want to ignore her.

Yesterday, she admitted that she had fun going out with me, which broke my heart. I can’t be honest with her, she might hurt.

I asked myself why I am so bad about this, why I just can like a person. Why I can’t be someone who can care enough to others. Why I made to be like this. Why there is always a wall in front of me, making it hard to trust other people?

Why I act a certain way in one place and feels different in another?

Reaching Out

In response to the daily prompt Toot Your Horn



My son grew up so fast more than I expected.  Now he’s telling he couldn’t make a Valentines Card for me because he has a lot of errands to catch up this day.  He doesn’t even mind when I told him that it’s about time for me to meet someone because I am left out already.  A mother sentiment, perhaps, when you realized that you is no longer the center of his attention.

However, I don’t quit easily. So I made him this little personal message and sent it to his Facebook account. Guys are always guys, they will surely appreciate what you have done to them, but most of the time they just keep it for themselves, and we ladies are simply on the other way around.

As a mother, I will always do this no matter how annoying our children’s to be. They might not appreciate you the way we wanted them to be but there is always the right time for everything. Let’s just keep continuing to show how much we love them and surprise them whatever we could do till they realize that a parent’s love is irreplaceable.

Well, I got a reply from my son.


(Thanks mommy, love you)

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Alone 104


I feel like I wanted to eat alone today.
The mall is crowded with people, perhaps celebrating the Valentine’s Day, and I am here alone, watching them pass between my eyes and wondering what’s behind with their smiles.

I feel a little blue. When there is something to celebrate I usually have this thing inside my heart; longing of something, of someone, of miracle. But I know all of this will surpass.

Well I still love the burger, at least it makes my stomach satisfied.


Desire good over evil without expectations

I was like, uh uh! it hits me.

Constantly, I desire good over evil because that’s what my heart is telling me.

Sometimes, I choose good over evil because I know God is watching me and I am expecting He will give me extra credit for it, like to give what I yearn for.

Indeed, I have an uncertain heart.



ROMANCE? Everybody needs that on Valentine’s Day?

I have read one article stating that February 14 is a SINGLE AWARENESS DAY.  Of course, I will not squabble about it, it’s not a big deal for me. Whether by choice or by circumstances you are single, there’s nothing erroneous about it. Much more, don’t feel dreary or hate yourself for being like that, do not be disappointed by one dash occasion just to feel like you are alone on this planet. Your value will not lessen if you don’t receive a heart-shaped box of chocolates and red roses. Don’t be swayed by bursting the illusion of dating and passing ideas of love on that day.

Cheer up singles. Here are simple heart-healthy ways to spend a love-filled day when Cupid comes bringing his bow and arrow.

  1. Plan a girls’ night in or out.
  2. Hit a restaurant, the local karaoke, the bowling lanes and do the shopping and watch movies with friends.
  3. Pamper and treat yourself.
  4. Spend time with your family.
  5. Party at your place.
  6. Volunteer your time.
  7. Stay at home and enjoy being alone.

There’s more of it if you are willing not to feel miserable on this day.  Remember,  you can be happy if you want to.


❤ ❤ ❤ (feb 10)

“So it’s not gonna be easy. It’s gonna be really hard. We’re gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, you and me, every day…”