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Cast: Hwang Jung-Min / Kim Yunjin / Oh Dal-Su

This movie became my favorite instantly, it’s perfect.

The cinematography is absolutely stunning. The plot is flawlessly well written. The transition between the present and the past is executed purely.  It takes you to some of the big parts of Korean history.

I think I cried for an hour and my heart tugs at my heartstrings.  I was into this man’s extraordinary life throughout scenes of laughing and weeping.

This movie is truly an epic.Beautiful.

Verdict: 10/10



Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and wished you could ever transform your looks to be attractive and beautiful?

Have you immensely convinced yourself that it’s okay not to be beautiful as long as you are smart and intelligent? and desperately you desired to have a “magic” so that someone will like you back?

I do sometimes.

Three Color Fantasy-Queen of the Ring drama is trying to give us a moral lesson that looks aren’t everything.


Nan-hee (Kim Seul-Gi) is a college student with a lot of potentials to succeed. But then, she was insecure about being ugly and believes that no one will like her at all. As it happens Nan-hee’s mother is in possession of a magical ring that can captivate a single man into thinking she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. Without a doubt, the effects of the ring’s spell have gotten her desire.

I like the concept of this drama, the unexpected twist will surprise you. Kim Seul-Gi is quite perfect in the role, not because she’s ugly, but she performed with cuteness, craziness and realism. And though you can find some predictable part of the story, still this drama is definitely worth watching. You can certainly relate particularly if you have experience life without the stature of confidence and too much insecurity to deal.

Queen of the Ring will remind you that beauty outside is not everything, you must respect yourself, forgive yourself, accept and love yourself so that people will not undervalue your worth.

Verdict: 8/10

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