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SUNNY (K-movie 2011)


Here’s a sunny movie as the sunniest story of all time.

An infectious, sassy film about friendship with heart and humor. A survival of relationship that gives a nostalgic range of comfort and acceptance.

I truly enjoyed the show. It will make you laugh, cry and laugh again for merely two hours of the show.  It has a large cast of characters from both teens and adults, but they were able to distinguish, develop and elaborate each of them. All the cast are in the great form of their performances.

The script is flawlessly balanced, along with the strong visuals of colorful fashion, excellent pop songs and the switches between the past and present was amusingly taken.

A must watch movie that earned as one of the highest grossing films in South Korea.

Verdict: 10/10



PS PARTNER (K-movie)

Whatcha wearin’?


Yoon-Jung (Kim A-Joong) accidentally calls a stranger, instead of her boyfriend, and has phone sex with the unknown man. When Yoon-Jung’s relationship with her boyfriend turns sour, Yoon-Jung meets Hyun-Seung (Ji Sung), the stranger she had phone sex with.

I never expected another daring, naughty adults romantic comedy from Korean movie (after Sex is Zero and Frozen flowers).  PS partner is a sexy comedy loaded with great humor, steamy kisses and bed scenes and gray color conversations.

No worries, the plot has a good balance of romance and comedy. You will never get bored because this movie offers something new plus with great casting.


Verdict: 9/10


Love has many faces. Would you be able to date somebody who changed appearance every day? Can you love enough?


Furniture designer Woo-jin wakes up in a different body every day, regardless of age, gender and nationality. Sometimes he’s a man, a woman, old, young, or even a foreigner. He’s the same person on the inside, but on the outside, he’s always someone new. Looking at a different face in the mirror every morning is hard for him to get used to.

The only constant in his life is the girl he loves, Yi-soo, who knows his secret and loves him anyway. Each time he transforms, Woo-jin must figure out how to reunite with Yi-soo.

This movie is based on Every Day written by David Levithan.

This film shows a mystical element, but focus on the reality of what TRUE LOVE must be. The story is polished emotionally, inoffensive in any ways. You will wrestle with the protagonist heartaches, inner war struggles, undying fidelity, and submission. The story is an inspiration to all, it makes you think, it makes you judge between what shows on the outside and what is on the inside.

Apart from the plot is unique, you will appreciate various transitions of the actors hired to portray Woo-Jin. Character development is surprising and the twist will lurk you on your seat. The cinematography and Photography are stunning too. The acting is marvelous, it gives you chills and goose bumps.

Verdict: 10/10


“The only thing I can’t endure is being without you.”

TUNNEL (K-Movie)

After watching this movie, I wanted to avoid the tunnels if possible. I am over reacting, but just couldn’t stop thinking about it. I don’t want to be hopelessly trapped when a tunnel collapsed around me.  I hope it will never happen to anyone.

What I like about this movie is that it showed the power of humanity over the fight for survival and the genuine determination to save someone’s life even though greediness and damn politics joggled along the way.

The movie has a simple premise, but it was executed flawlessly. It was well made with a sum amount of suspense and a formula of a little twist. The acting was decent, enough for you to focus on the character, and of course, the visual effects are impressive.

Verdict. 8/10


“Lee Jung-Soo drives home for his daughter’s birthday. While driving through a tunnel that crosses through a mountain, the unthinkable happens. The tunnel collapses. When Lee Jung-Soo regains consciousness, he finds himself trapped inside his car. The car itself is buried under thousands of tons of concrete and debris. All he has inside the car are his cellphone, two bottles of water and his daughter’s birthday cake.”






Like for Likes (Movie 2016)



“A notoriously shrewish TV drama writer and a Korean wave star who fight like cats and dogs every time they meet; a spinster flight attendant landlady and a nosy chef tenant who build a sense of camaraderie; a genius relationship-virgin composer who harbors a secret admiration for a scatterbrained producer. As they crash-land into each others lives, will there be love?”

From like to love.

A Korean inimitable style drama of Love, Actually. It is an entwined story of three different couples, who struggled in dealing with single parenthood, with aging and disability. With the support of social media, it bridges their love story to blossom and resolve complications, as like everyone else doing today with the use of Facebook and other social strategy.

There is no ground impact in this movie aside from its cuteness and humor. Objectively, they give a meaning on focusing the relationship between the couples, the identity of each character without a major issue and emphasizing the familiar modern way of dating and building relationship.

Aside from its all-star cast, this movie will remind you how refreshing love is from the start.  I like and recommend to watch this movie if you just want to cool off from tedium and want some light fun.

Verdict: 7/10



Lee Mi-Yeo (Jo Gyung-A) and Yoo-Ah-In (No Jin-Woo)


Esom (Jang Na-Yeon) and Kang Ha-Neul (Lee Soo-Ho)



Kim Ju-Hyeok (Jung Sung-Chan) and Cho Ji-Woo (Ham Joo-Ran)

Miracle in Cell No. 7

Miracle_in_Cell_No.7-p4              miracleposter


:Ryu Seung-ryong
Kal So-won
Park Shin-hy

The film is a heartwarming comedy and family melodrama about a mentally challenged man wrongfully imprisoned for murder who builds friendships with the hardened criminals in his cell, and they help him see his daughter again by breaking her in.

I love the movie though the result is not that pleasant.  But it moved me because of the unconditional love between a father and a daughter. A movie that will definitely make you laugh and cry.

 Verdict: 10/10

Weekend Movies [Day 17]

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Frozen Flower.  A 2008  South Korean Movie.

The movie started out as a secret relationship turn into something dangerous and deceiving.  It is the shadow game between love, loyalty and duties.   I like the masterpiece. 

images (3)

Masquerade. A 2012 Korean movie drew praises of being beautifully written and emotionally involvement.  I agree to that.

A royal body double who followed his conscience to save his country to be crumpled, exercise more humanitarian procedures, showing affection & appreciation.

I had fun.

Verdict: 10/10


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