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I’m not fine.

It’s not okay.

I don’t want to talk about it.

I am not ready to share it with you.

Give me some time.

I need space for a while.

I don’t want to see you.

I feel bad.


I think it’s okay to say all these words. We should at least stop hiding our feelings for a while to catch our breath and release the tension. Let’s honor our emotions and sometimes let them flow.







Thoughts You Need To Get Rid Of for Tuesday


Poisonous Thought #1 – Worrying what Others Think of you.

Poisonous Thought #2  – Feeling Unprepared for the Future.

Poisonous Thought #3  – Equating Money with Happiness.

Poisonous Thought #4 – Thinking You Can Change the Unchangeable.

Poisonous Thought #5 – Thinking You Can Change Others.

article related from: http://www.livin3.com/12-poisonous-thoughts-you-need-to-get-rid-of-for-a-happier-life


When I wake up every day, I always thank God for the gift of being alive. But Thursday is a special day for me, it is near to perfection, to my rest day. (Friday is the off day in the Middle East)

When I was young, weekend means to me for fun; going to the malls, movies, drinking, partying and going home very late. I had so much fun in those days. I am about to kill myself from exhaustion.

When I am right now, weekend means relaxation and “me time”. I almost hate myself for being too comfortable to be alone than to be with someone else.  I always ask myself if I miss something important out there, and keep reminding myself to go out, and look for rather valuable activities to do.

Today is Thursday and it’s about to end.  I made things  to do;

Watching dramas

Sounds boring? no, sounds me time at least for me 🙂

Thank you Lord.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!




Desire good over evil without expectations

I was like, uh uh! it hits me.

Constantly, I desire good over evil because that’s what my heart is telling me.

Sometimes, I choose good over evil because I know God is watching me and I am expecting He will give me extra credit for it, like to give what I yearn for.

Indeed, I have an uncertain heart.