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The Classic was just beautiful. 


Timeless and Universal.

The beautiful scenery of the Korean countryside along with the nostalgic and poignant mood brought the film into very classical and portrays kinds of emotional appeals.

A beautiful journey from the past;  about first love memorable moments, friendship, sacrifices, and fate.

The modern tale which brings the story together.

The fair share of laughter and tears.  

The character chemistry and acting execution are terrific.

The plot is simple, but it connects itself to your memory.

A movie that should be watched, it will bawl your eyes out at the end.

Verdict: 9/10

The Beginning.

I wasn’t pretending that night.  I just don’t want to stop you.


I had no intention to like you, it just happened out of nowhere. I admit I had a bad moment with my past love, settling my heart in forceful resolution, thinking it would just pass, looking for something I could divert off and hoping to forget at least a few minutes of my sad life.


I was drinking too much that night, swaying my blues over the facade charmed of alcohol while clinging to your shoulder.  Yes, I was drunk, but I know, how it feels good to touch you.


I felt dizzy and was about to flop, but you were there leading me to my bedroom, holding me close.  I know it was you and not him.  It wasn’t hard to recognize the difference; the smell, the touch, the grip…


You were smoothing my hair… whispering me to sleep. No way I can’t stop you, that’s been all I need, you have comforted me.


Then I felt your lips on my head. It was enough to let me sleep.

I know tomorrow will never be the same my friend. I know.

Me before you

Have you read the book?

Have you seen the movie?

So what do you think?

Some people might grouching about the ending of this story, but for me it was perfect.  In reality, not all our story has a happy ending, sometimes love cannot reconcile our own limitations.

The novel is heartbreaking because everything is just right there, within your reach, while the movie gives life to your imagination, seizing things that is possibly be happening.

Indeed, life is peculiar. We sometimes thought our existence is no different from yesterday, but for the others it is. We do whine for some changes, while some wish it has never occurred.  A battle of what is right and wrong, selfishness over acceptance and the agony of choosing between life and death.

Yes, life is full of surprises, and we got only one to live.

Verdict: 8/10

Refresh Man (Taiwanese- Drama)


“Zhong Yu Tang (Tseng Joanne) and Ji Wen Kai (Yan Aaron) are childhood friends. Wen Kai’s grades has always been normal but Yu Tang’s grades were really good. After becoming adults and entering society, Yu Tang has entered the cosmetic world and has the chance to become the secretary of the new CEO.  The CEO ended up being Ji Wen Kai! And their story continues..”

This is my third time watching Taiwanese drama after Meteor Garden and Just You.  It gives me a good impression of the first episode, and hopefully It wouldn’t turn out the same as the previous Korean dramas I have escaped of watching. 



I miss the young love, the wanted feelings of being with someone you like.

I miss the secret stares and the love notes.

I miss the butterflies flying, the colors of excitement when you able to glimpse the face of your sunshine.

I miss to smile. I miss to laugh. I miss to giggle.

I miss my innocent love. I miss my unwavering heart.



It was such a lovely day. All her friends & family gathered together to celebrate the most awaiting day! Never in her life she imagined she would meet someone exactly the person she hopes to have; good, kind  & handsome. Not that he only accepted her, but everything & everyone around in her life. It was the miracle she was hoping for. To have someone who will call her own.

Everyone is smiling, wishing them well, sharing the incontestable feelings as if their prayers has been answered as well.  There was no hesitation, no looking back because the past is something to be cherished but the present is more significant,  to be alive.  Promises are made; but not to be broken instead to be their guide & assurance that love will never be weaken, ready to fight for the approaching dares & will never forget the promises made.

Love is made to be loyal, faithful & joyful. It must be respected, It needs to be enjoyed.

“I have prepared everything in my life but you, I didn’t see you coming. You are my most favorite surprise in my life”. He said.

“And you keep me waiting worthwhile”. She said with teary eyes.

I shut my eyes, it’s almost 2 am, have to end my wishful fantasy.



Here’s my list, forever my favorite.

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Memories of My Melancholy Whores


“I would not have traded the delights of my suffering for anything in the world.”

“Sex is the consolation you have when you can’t have love”

“Morality, too, is a question of time.”

“The truth is I’m getting old, I said. We already are old, she said with a sigh. What happens is that you don’t feel it on the inside, but from the outside everybody can see it.” Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

It’s a book about an old man still harboring dreams of love and pleasure.  Both negative & positive criticism brought with its story.  Maybe because the main plot involves a 90 year old falling in love with a 14 year old virgin whore. Some says  it maintains its charm and  was a creepy entanglement.

Sorry but I don’t get it.

THE LIAR AND HIS LOVER / The Girl Who Loved Lies ( J-MOVIE)

Takeru Sato. I just can’t take my eye’s off every time I saw him on screen.  I started to like him when I saw him leading the Rurouni Kenshin, an animation based on popular manga series.  He is such a great actor, he had quite a lot of movie and drama series. Honestly, this is my first time to like a Japanese Actor.


Taxi Driver:  What if she never came back?

Ian Wyndham:  What sort of a question is that?

Taxi Driver:  Well, go on, picture it. You wave goodbye at the airport, she gets on the airplane, you never see her again… could you live with that?

Ian Wyndham:  No… No, I couldn’t.

Taxi Driver:  Well, then you know what to do. Appreciate her and what you have. Just love her.

Ian Wyndham:   I have to tell you this and you need to hear it. I loved you since I met you, but I wouldn’t allow myself to truly feel it until today. I was always thinking ahead, making decisions soaked with fear… Today, because of you… what I learned from you; every choice I made was different and my life has completely changed… and I’ve learned that if you do that, then you’re living your life fully… it doesn’t matter if you have five minutes or fifty years. Samantha if not for today, if not for you I would never have known love at all… So thank you for being the person who taught me to love… and to be loved.


Verdict: 10/10

PEE MAK Official International Trailer


“Pee Mak has earned more than 1 billion baht ($33 million) in revenue worldwide (mostly in Asia), and is currently the highest grossing Thai film and one of Asia’s highest grossing films of all time. The film has been screened in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Cambodia, Australia, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, China, South Korea and the United States. “

I had so much fun in this movie. The best!

verdict: 10/10



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