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I just need a little time to be alone, to taste the melancholy, to get upright and face the challenges again. This time, I don’t need someone to sit beside me, an empty chair will be enough. I just have to know the beauty of solitude and where it will lead me.

Daily Post: Solitude

Knock from Heaven’s door


Did you answer Him?

Or still you don’t want to be disturbed?

Your life will be in chaos

when He is not with you.

Peaceful Sunday


We Are Almost Do The Same.


I saw him doing his daily work. Did he ever whine about it? feeling tedium? or maybe feeling grateful because he can be able to provide food and other necessities to his family? Is he thinking when he will stop working and live his life at ease? Is he hoping that one day he will be free from obligation and adversity? and just be happy normally?

I am whining, feeling boring, but thankful. I am thinking and hoping too. 

I am sure we are almost do the same.



“If I die in a war zone,

Box me up and send me home,

Put my medal in my chest,

Tell my mom I did my best,

Tell my dad not to bow,

He wont get attention from me now,

Tell my brother to study  perfectly,

Key’s of my bike will be his permanently,

Tell my sister not to be upset,

Her brother will not rise after this sunset,

Tell my love not to cry,


Let’s pray for our soldiers who has lived the war, who has seen its brutality and who has been blown up and torn apart.

credit to the owner of the photo & poem



Empty your mind from resentment and replace it with fresh beautiful memories.

In response to the Daily Post: EMPTY




Truly wonderful the pure smile of a child is.

In response to the Photo Challenge:  PURE



When there is harmony by looking in the same direction, you can travel far enough.


In response to the Photo Challenge: HARMONY


Dear Mrs. HY,

I know you don’t like me to be part of your husband’s life. I didn’t get it because it was 20 years ago when we had this young-love relationship. I have tried to be friends with him, but you simply prevented it. And now, it becomes impossible.

I just heard the very bad news, I am sorry for your lost.

I am so sad to hear that he got shot & killed in front of you and the kids, it was the most devastating news I have ever heard. I pray that the authority will find the one who did this to him and to your family soon. I pleaded for you & your children’s safety.

Condolence Mrs. HY.  You may have saved me from a huge heartbreak, but truly I am saddened, no one is worthy of this cruelty.

Rest in Peace to you Hamilton. May your soul be at peace with Heavenly Father.




Not everybody can be like me.

When one of my so-called friend said “it’s better not to have kids than to have one without a husband or a father”, I could feel my blood is about to shatter in my veins. What the heck is she talking about? In my defense, I would say “It’s better not to have a cheater husband than to suffer for the rest of my life”.


Another acquaintance told me that I should find someone new because it’s hard to sleep alone every night. That no matter what, I would be always lonely in my bed. My blood wasn’t about to explode that time because there is a half-truth of it. Yes, at first it was hard to endure, there were times you really wanted to have someone beside you if you go to bed or when you wake up the next day. I slept with some of my boyfriends, and to be honest, my life has never changed while I’m still with them, I still couldn’t find peace. Sex is not always matter, it’s not all about what had happened in the bedroom makes you happy, you can’t just live like that.

So if somebody would tell me again about it, I would say, I was able to sleep soundly & deeply now without someone beside me. It’s uncomfortable to have someone near me snoring!


Being a single Parent, I have faced some issues in my life;  from supporting my son alone, from the reaction of people, from the notion that I wasn’t good enough, with these & that coming from people who have no idea the whole story of my life. At first it was really appalling and annoying, but somehow I have proven my worth, not everybody can be like me, so what the hell.

Hunger Games (Mockingjay – Part 2)

I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it. Though I like the previous three Hunger Game movies, I was just ready for the epic finale of the final chapter in The Hunger Games saga without disappointment.


Katniss’ heroic work is done.


Let there be peace on YOU



During weekends, either I stayed only at home or just had a random thing to do outside.  But I highlighted the last weekend I had, they said it was a miracle for me to wake up early & go out.

I hate myself to wake me up early in the morning but when you see the clear sky, the sea water, the sand, & when u breath the air, you would definitely be grateful for the day.

I hate myself to wake me up early in the morning but when you see the clear sky, the sea water, the sand, & when u breath the air, you would definitely be grateful for the day.

We are not a morning person, but we have decided to be even just for a day.

We are not a morning person, but we have decided to be,  even just for a day.


Himura Kenshin (Movie)


The moment you find the courage to give up your life for someone..would be the moment you understand love.

Himura Kenshin

Just peace


What makes it difficult with your power, a single snap of your magic wand to let this man appear in my front?
Was it difficult to find a good one?
Or maybe it was not at all in your plan?
I asked you not because I don’t trust You. I am just impatient to know where’s my heart about to run.
I want to love with hope, knowing that I can still have the person next, without being sure that soon he will gone.
I want to set my heart to a direction where I can find ease. I just need my heart feel at peace. Just peace.


Be happy ☺

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