❤ Asking him to love her ❤

Day 2 Quote


In our society, there are traditional people who couldn’t agree on a girl making the first move. They would label them as liberated, informal, radical and cheap and so on. I was taught to be conventional, but I just couldn’t follow their shadow.

I remember the time when I confessed my feelings to someone that I really liked. I just couldn’t wait for him to make the first move; I need to express what I felt before it would turn out to be one of the regrettable parts of my life.  But there are times I never had the guts to show my feelings too, and I regret it.  There are so many “what if” and “if only”.

Truly, to confess your feelings is not easy because it is really scary to be rejected.

Unrequited love is painful, but regret is the lost time you can never be found again.


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Can I Be Me Without this?

I was nearly caught by my boss doing this chatting thing, but I can’t help myself to continue it. I know my friend needs me this time to read every word and understand each on it. As he was trying to express everything out of his system, the words hit me like a ton of bricks across my face. For some reasons I don’t know why or maybe it simply just hit me.

Someone he loves so much rejected him, or I may say left him alone.

Being rejected or being left alone will stuck you on the ground underneath a thing that you can’t move, or no hopes to rescue. You can feel fear and the raising of a drawbridge that would block out all light are scarier than you can imagine. And I admit there’s no magic wand to resolve this matter.

There are nearly eight billion people in this planet, everyone is wedging with different collections of thoughts, memories and experience. Not all of us know that life is a cycle of plan, whatever it is; we have only one ended and needed… we should end with LOVE and need LOVE.

And if this LOVE is gone or your love is gone… you are gone too.

We thought we are only here to love, and we just simplified it. It’s more than that. Perhaps there is a master plan that drives the randomness of this. You lost someone, you left behind. But it is not the end. You will just realize that life is still moving on but you have to hold on it to live.

In our experience, we have set of challenges to help us discover who we really are. The more we hurt, the more we will find the meaning.

To my friends who lost their loved ones, to those who were left behind for reasons or none. Ask yourself for once; CAN I BE ME WITHOUT THIS?

My story is not different. I have lost few but as long as I live, I’ll keep myself asking…WITHOUT THIS PAIN, CAN I BE ME?


Let go the balons. Buy a new one. “,)