Sayaka works at an office. She’s not very good at her job or with love. One night, she finds a man, Itsuki, collapsed in front of her home. She takes him inside and they begin to live together. Itsuki teaches Sayaka about cooking wild herbs and collecting wild herbs, but he has a secret.

So what’s his secret? watch it and you’ll find it.

Honestly, I need Itsuki in my life. Seeing him in my kitchen every day, preparing sumptuous food and eat together, it’s quite a comfort to me (though his character is so good to be true). And I think we need more films like this one; simple, gentle and warm.

There is nothing explosive in this movie, it was transparent to make you feel pure good, setting your mood in positive rays without picking on little details. I believe the purpose of this show is to enjoy it properly, away from villains and complications.

I like the two leads characters and portrayals. Itsuki, is an eye candy, gentleman and secretive, and I loved the way he dealt with Sayakawho is relatable, honest and lonely. Though their characters didn’t develop well considering the pace of the story,  still they have created a strong basis of the romance.

Evergreen love is a breeze love story. It will make you eat and fall in love!

Verdict: 9/0

MY SECRET ROMANCE (K-drama 2017)

This drama started so well and dragged to the end. The plot has the potential to be decent enough if they were able to develop the story line.  There are so many flashbacks and pointless scenes that were skipped-worthy and some emotions circled by inconsistency.

One point for the visuals in this drama. Second points to the sizzling first scene on the first episode. And the rest, it’s up to you to find.

Verdict: 6/10


Cha Jin-Wook (Sung Hoon) is a son from a wealthy family. His family runs a large company. Cha Jin-Wook only pursues short term love. He meets Lee Yoo-Mi (Song Ji-Eun) and changes. Lee Yoo-Mi has never had a boyfriend before.

We were liars


“A beautiful and distinguished family.
A private island.
A brilliant, damaged girl; a passionate, political boy.
A group of four friends—the Liars—whose friendship turns destructive.
A revolution. An accident. A secret.
Lies upon lies.
True love.
The truth.”

I don’t want to lie, I didn’t enjoy this book. It’s not just for me.

Verdict: 6/10

Light or Heavy?

In the past, my friends always teased me of how dangerous I am when I got drunk, especially when I am in the best mood.  Why? Because I always tend to reveal their secrets, giving them the opportunity to be the hot topic for the session. Of course, they can’t do anything about it and they can’t even hate me at all.

I don’t know why these friends still keep sharing me regardless of my lack of sincerity and despite of giving them a warning, but when I finally realized that I should be careful enough in dealing with their inner thoughts and worries because they have trusted me, I sworn myself to secrecy.

At this time, I am upright in dealing secrets of others. To be trusted is an honor, so I must respect and keep it as it is.  Sometimes, I asked them with humor if the secrets are light or heavy; if it is light, it’s okay to gossip about it and if its heavy, I must bring it in my coffin.

To note, I always asked them if I could share their life on my blog, they always agreed as long as I will not name them and no pictures. They don’t even know my blog site as I am not sharing it with them, but of course, I have to follow the rules.

Their secret is my secret.  If I want to keep my secrets in one box, then I have to do the same with theirs. And by the way, I don’t reveal it anymore though I am drunk, not all who are intoxicated can tell the truth, I can even lie. 🙂


In response to the Daily Prompt: SECRET

Her secret is my secret

She got pregnant by her ex-boyfriend. The real boyfriend thought the baby was his. Without hesitation, he wanted to marry her and offer the chance to be a good father he wants to be.

She was perplexed, or I might say she was crazy. She was thinking of abortion, of course, no one supported her. I even suggested not to inform her boyfriend about the baby’s father as long as she will not do it. I pledge to be quiet for the rest of my life just to save the unborn child, but at the end, it was all her decision and I can’t even forgive her.

The abortion made our friendship ends. I just couldn’t accept nor respect her choice. I feel disgusted to have a friend like her and I feel like I was not good enough because I wasn’t able to change her mind. It was so horrible.

Gossip spreads. I remained silent. Though my heart is shuddering, I couldn’t say anything to anyone because that thing was our SECRET, the residual connection of our friendship.

Times passed, there was no US. I admit I missed her.

One day, our path crossed out of the blue. It seems we are trapped in one closed corner. We couldn’t escape. Our eyes met and just found ourselves embracing each other and crying.

After the silent years, we forgive each other. We moved on. There were lots of “apology and appreciation” along the way while saving our friendship and it’s all worth it.

At this time, we are closer than before. Our relationship tested with so much horrendous event, but at the end, we are more than like sisters.

Forgiveness. Love.

I have no right to judge her.

She never left me when I had my flaws.


In response to the Daily Prompt: Evasive Action.

What’s the most significant secret you’ve ever kept? Did the truth ever come out?



DEVIOUS MAIDS is back for Season 3!


Ernesto is very alive..and hot!

devious-maids-season-3-spoilers_0 (2)

Your accent drives me crazy Sebastian!

devious-maids-season-3-spoilers_0 (1)

Who says you can’t have him both, a hottie boyfriend & a maid!


How long will their friendship last? Couple therapy is fun!


Such a beauty to waste for adultery!


Mr. & Mrs. Powell always rocks! classy & richy!


Oh come on, show yourselves before season 3 ends!


So what’s up ladies? How are you going to solve the crime?

Devious Maids header 2


My friend, it was our secret. Things that should be keep between us. I ask you not to tell anyone and you promised you will.

And why, why you have to share it with your boyfriend?  You know that I hate him and will never trust him.  You know he has a big mouth and yet you shared it with him, and you know what? he told someone about it too.

Shame on you. I mean both of you.

I cannot dump you despite of this because you are my friend.  But I think I cannot share secrets with you anymore.



If I tell the truth, will you still look at me the same way?


                      You have your secrets. I have mine.

Yours could be shallow but what I had is filled in line.
Your secret was your experience
To me it was a heartache.

If I will tell you the truth will you still look at me the same way?
would you rather love me more?
or think less of me?

Am afraid and this is the truth
That one day I have to look at you.
Saying the words you hated most

saying the truth will make you go.