Finally, Thursday is about to end. Tomorrow is my off from work until Saturday.


Usually, I got excited because I can stay out till dawn and sleep until night.  But today, I just wanted to go home and take some long, long rest.


This week is such an arduous for me; the work is very demanding, some people tend to be annoying and the weather is unbearable. It seems everything has joined to give me a combat. Because of this weather, which plays between 43 to 45 degrees every day with a high rate of humidity will really, really make you sick.


I am sick actually with colds and headache. If I tend to go out with this weather, I might collapse in the street. My morning walks have ended and I need to take a bus or train, but still never had the chance to escape the pestering sweats from Dubai weather.

Anyway, happy weekend to all. Stay away from illness and keep safe.




I was hiding in one of the stores while waiting for the public bus that will take me to my work.










I’m back from my vacation and I felt a pang.

This is not strange or unfathomable because I always knew this kind of feeling, this is homesickness.  The difference is that it’s hitting me hard this time.

I miss everyone back home.

I’m high


It’s 4am and still up. I think I’m a little high from the medicine I took. High is better than overdose! Hate this cough & colds every winter. More than I hate of wanting to sleep and just couldn’t. Ahhhh, shit!

56 days of Gratitude [ DAY 1]

Seeing as how the season is changing, I think I’m coming down with something. My nose is a little stuffed and my throat is a little sore. I could feel already the aches in my joints.  It feels like I’m going to hit the blizzard of sickness.

Ah, shit!

The worst thing about getting sick without your family or at least someone to take care of you is the complete feeling of isolation.  That’s why I really hate it when I’m sick, it’s just a terrible inconvenient for me.

But I am not a terrible patient.  I have learned to be a good doctor to myself.

That’s why behind this sickness feeling,  I am GRATEFUL for…

I have MEDICINES transported from the Philippines.

I am only at ease taking these things rather than going to the local clinic.


I have a COMFORTABLE BED to rest.


Fighting! I will be fine.





Hello everyone.

I want to complain to life.

As I type this bland post, I am staring at the screen and feeling that today is one of the pits days of my subsistence.

I am bored. 

I admit that it’s no good to pretend that are you busy when really you are not.

I am sick of seeing the same people everyday and hearing stories over and over again.

I dislike it when I have nothing to learn and worst nothing to change.

I despise the reality that I cannot do everything I want, that there is a certain boundary of what you can get.

Sometimes, I hate my life. Its suffocating and uninteresting.




Dear Friend,

I know that day seems all went wrong.  For you it was sudden and thorny condition to be acknowledged. That’s how this life appears to be; straight and suddenly throwing you curve balls and getting you into string of pieces.  I know you are terrified. I know you are looking for some ways to amend your wobbly heart.

My friend, believe me, everything will end very fine. You have love ones and good friends fighting with your battle on their knees.  And most of all you have God who could hear our Prayers. This are all you need – so Frighten less, Strong more and be filled with so much Faith.

I will be keeping fingers crossed for a successful and speedy recovery. The thought that you will be much better after this is very comforting to us.

We love you. So take care of yourself and later we will be having fun again.