I know one day, you will miss them.

You’re going to miss their deafening loudness and innocence hassles and the peak of their dirty shirts and countless toys.

You will miss them in your room while hanging out, watching you dress and crying out loud.

Soon you will miss them when they grow up and you get the break you want.

You will miss them needing you all the time because they’ll find comforts with friends or other people whom they liked.

You’re going to miss everything because when they own their freedom, you didn’t own their time.

So while still possible, enjoy their childhood and bear the hardship. Never say “hope you will grow up fast” because surely, one day, you will miss them, you will miss your little ones.






Suicide. Trending. Dreading. Painful.

You will never know you are suffering depression until the moment you would realize you want to end your life. You might seem fine and people around you will hardly notice unless you wear a sign on your forehead that says “I’m depressed”.

The story of this book leads us to reality of grief and dealing with the aftermath.