When you’re complaining about your work while sitting in the office or just feeling bored, Just think of those people who worked outside tolerating the heat and dusty surroundings.

Don’t you think you are lucky than them?

Don’t you appreciate what you have right now?

Construct your thoughts and think about it – again.


Since I don’t like to tell you personally what I really think about you today, I am just going to write you a letter in case you can pass this side. I cannot drop these words in front of you because I don’t like to create a wall between us, not this time. I am afraid you might not accept whatever I would say to you. So let me do this just to help the annoyance out of my system.

I hate the way you talk. Your voice sounds like thunder and I hate thunder.

I don’t like the way you interpreted things. You have always seen it in a very wrong direction. You don’t know how to infer it to positivity.

Please stop talking bad about other people. Personally, I don’t know them so I’m not really interested.

Kindly appreciate life. You have your husband and your daughter with you. You’ve got a job, you have a salary to pay your debt, your health is good, you ate more than three times a day and you are still breathing. Your problem is not that great compared to those people who had nothing of everything. So, please be thankful.

I know you are still a good person that is why I cannot tell you all this because I don’t want you to give additional burden and bad feelings. I am honestly listening to your woes and my bits of advice are genuine. But same as you, I have my bad days too. I just need you to shut up for a while, deal your own issues and give me some break.



There was a time when I was left on my own at work for 30 days and I need to do the job of others. Our company was facing a financial constraint at that time and there was no hope to hire someone new.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t able to resign because I was in my six months as newly hired and the possibility of visa problem might occur for the unfinished contract.

During those days was really hard for me. I felt like I have all the misfortune in life. I was expecting to carry all the duties without mistake, wasn’t allowed to get sick and most of the time I need to pretend that it was just all okay to avoid any problems or whatsoever was playing in my mind. The truth is, I hate it. I wished I could turn back the time and find some better atmosphere to work on.

But when you are in the situation where you can’t escape off or just got no balls to take the risk, you have only two options to choose;  to sink or swim.

I chose then to swim because I need to live. In order to live, I must endure. It was a tough job experience, but the lesson was very infectious.

Happy Labor day for all kinds of workers!


We Are Almost Do The Same.


I saw him doing his daily work. Did he ever whine about it? feeling tedium? or maybe feeling grateful because he can be able to provide food and other necessities to his family? Is he thinking when he will stop working and live his life at ease? Is he hoping that one day he will be free from obligation and adversity? and just be happy normally?

I am whining, feeling boring, but thankful. I am thinking and hoping too. 

I am sure we are almost do the same.

Work That Matters


It is awkward to receive this kind of inspirational reminder from someone who just made somebody cry yesterday, without giving a second thought of listening, but instead focusing on what, was done wrong.

It is apt that someone must understand those words after “passing the buck” to others instead of accepting their own mistake.

I anticipate this person realizes now the importance of saying “please” and “thank you”.

This reminder circulated to our own team, I think we are hated by most.

I just do my work that matters then.

Bad accountants


Refresh Man (Taiwanese- Drama)


“Zhong Yu Tang (Tseng Joanne) and Ji Wen Kai (Yan Aaron) are childhood friends. Wen Kai’s grades has always been normal but Yu Tang’s grades were really good. After becoming adults and entering society, Yu Tang has entered the cosmetic world and has the chance to become the secretary of the new CEO.  The CEO ended up being Ji Wen Kai! And their story continues..”

This is my third time watching Taiwanese drama after Meteor Garden and Just You.  It gives me a good impression of the first episode, and hopefully It wouldn’t turn out the same as the previous Korean dramas I have escaped of watching. 

My Two Cities

 A Tale of two Cities

If you could split your time evenly between two places, and two places only, which would these be?

Honestly, It’s always been my wish. As you can see, I would split my time between Dubai and Philippines.

My beautiful Home Town, Davao City Philippines.


I make my living here in Dubai for 7 years. It is believed that Dubai is a land of opportunity where you can see its full of expats from multiple nations with a countless background which leads to cultural melting pot.

Wednesday Morning

I’m going to crash your annoying face, then I realized I was working in the office. Of course, I cannot do that, I practiced professionalism for 13 years!
But sooner I will strike you, it’s not just here.

'Don't worry -- he's a trained professional.'
‘Don’t worry — he’s a trained professional.’




“Screw them”. I remember this word I uttered before I left my work for vacation; I even wished to never come back, and guess what? It happened! Well, be careful of what you hope for because it will take place without warning and you might end up shitting yourself.

One of the bosses literally screwed the business by withdrawing the partnership, which resulted in a decision of dissolving the company instantaneously. Employees have been terminated instantly without mercy and some needs to stay for about 1 month to finalize everything, which includes me. It was a bombshell for all of us, though I am expecting this would happen, but not in this early part.

Honestly, it was daunting for me to anticipate what had happened, though I have the feelings that it was the right time to say goodbye. But since I hate shocking surprises, I can’t even imagine myself being jobless without mere preparation. It would be the worst situation we all know that, in any reason, it could have happened to us, especially if our work is our bread & butter.

Fortunately, after 4 days of contemplating the bad news and applying, to another company very quickly, God hears my prayer, our prayer. I was hired directly or was absorbed to work for another company which I believe is more stable & profitable. With my boss’s recommendation & my loyalty to him despite of everything, I have never gone astray. He pays me back to have a job again.

Well, one thing I realized is that, there is a right time for everything.  When it happens, it will, no matter how much you try not to.  When they decided to close the company, my residence visa is about to expire, our office tenancy agreement will end, and even my boss house rent will about to cease. As if everything falls to END!

This whole thing indicates that there is this word ENOUGH, enough to something that will never work out whether we like it or not.

As for now, everything is almost settled. Everybody is sad, but we just keep moving on. I will have my new chapter and I hardly pray for it to be fruitful, better, stable and happier this time.

Thank you God for an answered prayer.

Thank you All for the prayers & support.

Wish us all luck.

The Most Impolite

Her name is Ima. She’s the most impolite employee I have ever encountered in 15 years of my life working. I tried not to mind her over the past months, but oh my!. I thought it’s only me who notice of her character, but it seems not. Well, I don’t want to judge her really, but let me reckon all the things I don’t like about her.

She didn’t greet another employee she met in the hallway (except for the bosses).

She doesn’t have the habit to say “excuse me” and tends to interrupt you even when you’re talking to someone or on the phone (except for the bosses).

She keeps other people waiting, which makes these people annoyed with her.

She never showed up during our team building & annual party.

She never interacts with other employees (except for the bosses).

When I was new, she didn’t help me to learn everything I am supposed to know.

She undisclosed her work to me as if we are not a team.

She treated me a newbie, and that is so funny.

Maybe this is not considered as a hot potato. But I am talking here about character and attitude. I am certain of her character because it surfaces through her actions, and I couldn’t do anything about it. But I just wish she’ll improve her attitude because attitude is a choice. To have a good character, you should have the right values; being well-mannered, pleasant and professional is one of them.

Honestly, I don’t like my character when I’m pissed off, I have the tendency to make you cry, I have done that before. But, I choose not to be anymore. I pick to be patient, more patient in dealing with different circumstances. I didn’t “yet” insulted her, nor hit her hard, but in due time, I will let her know those things I don’t like about her.




Today morning, I woke up strangely. The usual of feeling sluggish and more time wanting as my principle are still on my presence; of course nothing change of that, the fact that whoever invented the “morning work timing” was such a big lousy achievement. Whoever you are, I hate you so much.

Back to this morning, it was strange. Because when I opened my eyes, I was able to realize something. I hate my job. There is no bliss anymore and totally I feel depressed when I am with it.

That is the truth. I hate myself for being lousy, coward, lazy, rotten and unsure person, for letting myself into this, for letting   me complain only to myself and forgot that I have my wings to flutter, my fist to control and a mind to use.

One of my friends told me this; I have to be aggressive and start leaving my comfort zone If want to change something in my life. I know my comfort zone is overrated. This is why I am telling this; I am going to leave my comfort zone, soon.  I am just giving myself months to finish what I must to be ended, till then I will surely fly.

So help me Lord.

I am going to leave my COMFORT ZONE

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